Villagers on the Loose!

Good evening all! There were villagers on the loose today in New Jersey. What a wonderful day it is when villagers can actually meet, speak and be together in person. Tanya and I met Normita for the first time today. I will say that Normita is as beautiful in person as she is on our village. She presented us with gifts and then took us to a local Filipino restaurant for lunch where we feasted on authentic fare. Fabulous! I need more time to actually think about this day as it does feel surreal at the moment. There is a lot to share and much to say, but for the moment, all I can say that our day was worth its own thread on the blog.

Love to all, Kathy

Pictures will be coming!

16 thoughts on “Villagers on the Loose!

  1. We will patiently wait for the pictures. I’m so glad you had the chance to meet and share. Next time you will need to treat Normita to Greek fare.

    Wear your red, white and blue tomorrow.

  2. Villagers,

    One of the “related” blogs that came up after CT posted this was the following. It was too good not to share:

    A Lifetime of Moments~~~Susie Austin
    “The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.”


    I invite you today to spend some time thinking about the good things in your life and the people you cherish and love. Before you do though take a little time and reflect on how fortunate you are to be here in this place and time. We have the opportunity to experience more in a month than most people in history did in a lifetime. We can get anyplace in the world in a day, most of the time anyway. We have more things, toys and luxuries, and it leads us to wanting more. We need to slow down and enjoy the moments.

    This is a perfect day to examine your priorities and be grateful we live in this day and time. Of course there are difficult times and problems will occur, it is how we handle them that counts. It’s the moments we share with friends and family, the time we spend to enjoy the small things. Make some time today and every day to enjoy the moment and share it with the ones you care about.

    We have been given the gift of a lifetime of moments and it us up to us to use them wisely, to be who we want to be and to have the happiness and love that was meant for us.

    Susie Austin

  3. Kathy and Tanya…three Villagers blessed with the opportunity to meet in person…how wonderful is that!! I’m so glad you see in Normita all that is right about our village…I know I feel fortunate having her in my own backyard…she is a special person! A moment in time, to be treasured for a long time!

    Taylor…I think you should take your blog comment on “A Lifetime of Moments” to the most recent blog, it’s priceless and worth thinking about. Those moments are what makes like worth living and all we have when are loved ones are gone.

  4. Taylor, what a great post. It is so true and fitting this holiday weekend to think about what we have and how much we have to cherish. This post is a keeper.

  5. I know Normita is having a great time at her reunion seeing old classmates and friends. This event is just amazing when you think that the school they attended was in the Phillipines and the continue to get together for reunions not only in the Phillipines but all over North America. It was really something special to see that yesterday.

  6. Kathy, the only similar class reunions I know of are those of kids that attended state department and military schools overseas. One of my friends keeps close contact with the kids he went to school with while his parents were in Japan.

    Karel, is that true for the school you attended in Norway and Germany?

      • Taylor, I love this line:
        “We have been given the gift of a lifetime of moments and it us up to us to use them wisely, to be who we want to be and to have the happiness and love that was meant for us.”

  7. Villagers, my ears were popping from all the village conversations going on these past few days about the three hillaryvillagers on the loose in the streets of Teaneck, New Jersey! Their names are Tanya, Kathy and Normita, they’ve been identified and photographed as they assembled in the front and lobby of a beautiful Marriot Hotel, shaking hands with happy and hospitable Filipinos on the loose themselves, from a country liberated by the Americans under the command of a well-loved General Douglas MacArthur!

    I am back from my high school reunion, filled with the memories of love and joy from classmates and hometown friends. As I landed in New Jersey, I told my classmates about my biggest anticipation of the moment. As I waited eagerly for Tanya and Kathy in front of the hotel, there were several friends and classmates assembled (I referred to them as the welcoming committee). After our huge embraces and laughter, I walked Tanya and Kathy to meet the so-called ‘welcoming committee’ and were equally overjoyed to meet them.

    Gifts were handed to me, favorite candles to appropriately light my home as a reminder of our daily prayers for each other, water to keep me hydrated from all the activities at hand. I asked for their advice on what to wear which I followed.

    Tanya and Kathy described what we did on that special day, a moment in time, a moment to cherish, a moment to remind us of the beauty of people around us who enrich our lives. No words can express my feelings for having met Tanya and Kathy, and believe me, I rarely run out of words! That day was filled with fulfillment of friendship and an everlasting connection that no photograph can ever capture. I feel inspired everyday by my village friends, and thanks to Kathy and Tanya for that wonderful July day, blessed with sunshine enveloping the streets of Teaneck.

    I will write a blog thread about our grand reunion, but today is for our villagers Kathy and Tanya. Thank you for the memories!


    • Normita, Villagers should have a candle lighting night once of these days. I don’t think I have burned a candle since our last one in 2008.

      • Taylor, a village lighting ceremony is good – perhaps CT can arrange so everyone can call in a conference call, meet, greet in a vigil and light the candles at the same time.

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