Happy Thanksgiving from hillaryvillagers

November 26, 2009

Our village is a community willing to share beliefs, ideas, and friendship.  I like to think that we help to keep each other sane and motivated.  We have laughed, screamed and cried together during bright and dark days.  Thank you kindred spirits.  Let keep our candles burning.  Happy Thanksgiving.

May you all enjoy a great Thanksgiving. No matter what our circumstances may be in our lives, I know that we all have many blessings for which we are grateful. I hope that each of you has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Peace to all who gather in the village. It is comforting to know that the village gate is always open.  Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow villagers.

Be happy, thankful for the health and happiness that you do have.

Thank you! Thank you Villagers! From hillaryclinton08or12@yahoogroups.com

I’d like to wish to all and everyone of you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING day!  God bless you all in your personal lives, and our Hillary with wisdom, patience and courage to live our lives with  our God given potential. She’s doing great as SOS and we all are here to back her and one another.  I’m not blogging these times but I’m always a Villager.

I am very thankful this year for all that I have, my family, my friends, my health. I have been blessed. I would like to thank my village family for always being there day in and day out for information, kind words and a place that is an oasis from the madness surrounding us. I would like to wish all of you a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving and Holiday Season.

I am grateful for so much this year: new hips, new living space, new lap top computer, new inner attitude, my friends in my community and other states and, of course, all my fellow villagers who continue to enrich my life. I pray someday I can say I am grateful that my country is not in a war and we are all at peace.  Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

In this season of Thanksgiving, we send our sincere message of gratitude to fellow hillaryvillagers who brighten our lives everyday, in many different ways.   So from our home to yours, we dedicate this song to all of you, with love.
Normita, Bob and Lanz

♫   A House With Love In It   ♫
By Nat King Cole

A house with love in it is rich indeed,
Although there are a thousand things that house may need
The carpet may be old, the rooms so plain and bare
And yet it’s beautiful, somehow the love is living there.

A house with love in it just seems to bloom,
As though the mat that have been made were filling every room
So darling through the years, with all my heart I’ll pray
A house with love in it is very safe.

So darling through the years, with all my heart I’ll pray
A house with love in it is where we stay.


104 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving from hillaryvillagers

  1. Hello hillaryvillagers! I was so touched by the greetings from everyone. As I write this my heart is filled with the utmost gratitude to have met you all in the village of Hillary Clinton. The days, months and years will come and go, but our friendship will never fade away. We are all villager forever.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  2. Thanks for keeping the village alive and ever changing Normita.

    The next two days will be filled with yummy scents and food. Enjoy the simplicity of life. Just this week, someone said “we can choose to be happy” which is a great way to live. Freedom allows us this choice and the village knows that freedom and independence are precious gifts that we must protect.

    May the sun shine on your souls.

  3. Greetings dear villagers and thank you for all the wonderful wishes. Thank you Normita for keeping the village going and I thank all the villagers for being here.

    Happy Holiday weekend!

  4. Good Morning, Villagers…the sun rises on the “day before” with clear skies all around and highs in the upper 60’s!

    I was recouping from my visit to the grocery store yesterday and missed the Thanksgiving greetings…I would like to say how very grateful I am to have a Village family to share life’s ups and downs. In many ways you all remind me of what’s truly important in our lives…friends and family. I’m continually challenged by your ideas, amused by your stories, touched by your generosity and encouraged by your humanity…life is sooo much better knowing each and every one of you!! God bless and may the true spirit of Thanksgiving fill your homes this season!!

    • Karel,

      I always imagine you reading your posts over a radio. Did you keep any recording of your days on the radio?

      I’m off to made some pumpkin bread. BBL

    • Good morning, Karel. Sorry you missed the blog post run. No matter where it’s posted your voice of knowledge resonates. Stay well. Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Good morning Villagers – lovely, lovely post Normita. My thoughts this day are simple. Health and happiness to all my village friends. Take time to appreciate what you have, and for the peaceful country in which we live. How could we all be so blessed?

  6. Normita- thank you for continuing to keep me in the loop- I read every word you send- I don’t post as much these days but I lurk here and at various sites-

    You all are wonderful and it is still so bittersweet to see your names.

    Have a blessed day with your friends and families tomorrow and through out the holiday week-end,Peace,

  7. Good morning, villagers. Yes, the gate is open, welcoming you all on this day of reflection on the beauty of the country we live in; day of gratitude for the gift of basic necessities we enjoy; day of blessings for family and friends who surround us with their love; day of awareness of never-ending new beginnings that touch our lives with health; and day of peace, love and joy in the sharing of loaves and fishes in our table of thanksgiving. God bless.

  8. Happy thanksgiving day Nomita! Thank you
    for all you have done to keep up everything.
    May God bless you and your family.


  9. Homecoming week in the village leaves us with fond memories. Light a scented candle this weekend to stir the memories and the resolve to strive for good days ahead.

    One loaf of pumpkin bread done, two to go.

  10. Happy Thanksgiving Village Family,
    You are all such a wonderful blessing in my life. May we forever experience the warmth and wealth of true friendships both near and far.
    God Bless you all and God Bless Hillary for bringing us all together!

    Ann & our little Villager Jackie

  11. Good to see some new names dropping in to say hello. Hey – I made the pumpkin pies from scratch today (using the recipe posted here) and they turned out wonderful! They have a slightly different texture that the ones you make from a can, I think better. I baked the pumpkin yesterday, left it still a little firm, and peeled it. Today I used my grinder to “mash”, and used it that way. The hint about “season to taste” was good. I added more spices, a little bit more molasses. My husband and I just had some with our coffee. Good!!!…

    • That’s great Mary!!! I get to taste them tomorrow. I found out that I need a new food processor. Mine was a bit lame today. Its all good though.

      • Thanks CT – My husband says that now every Thanksgiving he gets real homemade pumpkin pie. Spoiled!!!, Spoiled!!! Spoiled… is all I have to say to that..

  12. I noticed you’re all working hard, including Bob, getting ready for tomorrow’s feast. Here’s something that just popped up:

    15-Minute (or Less) Thanksgiving Recipes
    by Heather Wagner at Better Homes and Gardens, on Thu Nov 12, 2009 11:53am PST 3
    Preparing the Thanksgiving feast is stressful, even if you’re a pro in the kitchen. To help this year be as seamless—and delicious—as possible, we’re offering a range of quick and easy Thanksgiving classics, with a fresh twist, from Better Homes and Gardens. This way, you’ll spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying your holiday guests—and a festive holiday cocktail.


    It may be too late for Taylor, CT, Bob, Karel and Mary, but it’s good for the rest of non-cooks like me.

  13. From the mailbag:

    Yes, I would like to say to all of the PUMAs and all those who have been slogging through the hard road toward awakening to the truth behind the facades…I hope you find much for which to be thankful anyway. If we can just look around us and deliberately notice the gifts in our lives and make the time to appreciate them, to relax the muscles and breathe deeply, that alone can strengthen us for the transformative journey ahead.

    I thank all of you for your inspiration and courage to speak from your hearts.

    Best wishes to all,


  14. My mom is a great cook but she made awful gravy. The following is foolproof. It came from the Washington Post in 1977. Just remember 1/4 to 1/4 to 2 when doubling it.

    Pour off the juices from the roasting pan into a separator pouring cup, scraping up any browned bits from the bottom of the pan. This cup is usually clear and you can see the fat at the top and the juices on the bottom. Skim off ¼ cup of fat and heat in a saucepan. Add 1/4 c flour, and whisk until blended. Then slowly stir in 2 cups of pan juices and chicken broth. Cook and whisk the gravy until smooth and simmer 5 minutes. Make about 2 cups.

    • Taylor, this is similar to how my late father-in-law prepared the gravy, except he chopped the turkey liver and gizzard in very tiny pieces and mixed with the gravy. Nice touch.

      • Ditto – I like this recipe, especially the skimming off the fat at the top. That is why I don’t eat gravy, usually has too much fat, but I like the flavor, so I really like this one. I guess I try to do this, but sometimes it has not worked out. I will remember the 1/4 to 1/4 to 2. Easy! I have tried the liver and gizzard thing, and my family does not like it. They get grossed out by eating an organ whose job in our body is to process waste out. Funny huh?

  15. Just to give you all a heads up on our feast:

    Appetizer: Fried egg rolls

    -Turkey, full range
    -Dressing (inside the turkey and some on a dish)
    -Cranberry sauce
    -Sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top
    -Green beans
    -French rolls
    -Martinelli’s sparkling cider

    Desserts: Pumpkin and apple pies

    Warning: Don’t be impressed, Bob does the cooking.

      • Taylor, Bob’s sweet potatoes are to worth having heartburn (take some Imodium if you need to). LOL

    • Hey, I am taking Martinelli Cider to my brother’s house too. My sister-in-law is Russian, so she cooks with Russian recipes, especially the breads and desserts. But she uses not recipe, just how she learned.

      • Mary, I have Martinelli’s too to take to my nephew tonight. It’s also my sister-in-law’s birthday, so we’re having a lunch/dinner, then drive over. Have fun!

  16. This news is somewhat related to our topic on turkeys, except it’s unpalatable and gives us a big time heartburn:

    Bankers making turkeys out of taxpayers
    By Dana Milbank
    Wednesday, November 25, 2009

    The nation’s bankers have much to be thankful for as they sit down to their turkey dinners on Thursday.

    At this time last year, the American financial system was near collapse, rescued only by hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars. Now the system has stabilized, and the industry is on the verge of a coup that many would have thought impossible a year ago: an escape from any major reform of financial regulations.

    On Tuesday, the American Financial Services Association even held a conference call with reporters to update them on its efforts — successful so far — to torpedo plans for a new Consumer Financial Protection Agency, which would protect people from the sort of lending abuses that led to last year’s implosion.

    The ASFA, a trade group of credit card issuers, auto-finance companies, mortgage lenders and others leading the fight against the CFPA, took the unusual approach on Tuesday of publicly celebrating the reform’s fading prospects.

    “This was supposed to be a slam-dunk,” crowed Bill Hempler, the group’s top lobbyist. But instead, he said, “Democratic members are increasingly having heartburn over CFPA and maybe second thoughts.”…

    If you feel reading more and get more heartburn, here’s the rest of the article:


  17. Here are some highlights from this week’s USA Today poll:

    On a series of fronts, Obama is moving against headwinds:

    • By more than 2-1, Americans say the United States shouldn’t close the terrorist prison at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, as Obama has promised.

    • By 49%-44%, they oppose passing a health care bill in Congress this year, which he calls critical.

    • A majority are against holding the trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in New York, and nearly six in 10 say the self-proclaimed 9/11 mastermind should be tried in a military rather than a civilian court. That’s at odds with the decision announced this month by Attorney General Eric Holder.

    When it comes to seven specific areas, Obama no longer commands majority support on any. On only two — energy policy and global warming — does he have a net positive rating. On the economy, health care, jobs and Afghanistan, a majority disapprove of how he’s doing. There’s an almost even divide on his handling of terrorism: 45% approve, 47% disapprove.

  18. Tight economy forces some to stay home for holiday

    CHICAGO – There’s still family, turkey and football, but one Thanksgiving tradition is taking a hit this year. Millions of Americans are spending the holiday at home, saying the poor economy has made it unaffordable to hit the road or board a plane.

    “It’s too expensive,” said Benita Hall, 24, a nurse’s aide who can’t afford to travel from Cincinnati to Atlanta to see her mother and siblings. “It’s depressing because you want to be with your family for the holidays.”

    Nearly 38 million people are expected to take trips this year, slightly more than last year but 20 million fewer than in 2005 when the economy was better, according to AAA auto club. Air travel is expected to drop 6.7 percent this holiday compared with last year, AAA said.


    People are feeling the pinch more than ever, foregoing spending Thanksgiving with family.

  19. I read this article about the stream of WH visitors of every kind.

    AP IMPACT: A stream of WH health care visits

    WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama’s top aides met frequently with lobbyists and health care industry heavyweights as his administration pieced together a national health care overhaul, according to White House visitor records obtained Wednesday by The Associated Press.

    The records disclose visits by a broad cross-section of the people most involved in the health care debate, weighted heavily toward those who want to overhaul the system.

    The list includes George Halvorson, chairman and CEO of Kaiser Health Plans; Scott Serota, president and CEO of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association; Kenneth Kies, a Washington lobbyist who represents Blue Cross/Blue Shield, among other clients; Billy Tauzin, head of PhRMA, the drug industry lobby; Richard Umbdenstock, chief of the American Hospital Association, and numerous lobbyists.

    Read more:

    Business as usual behind closed doors.

  20. Good Morning, Villagers…the sun rises on a day to be thankful, with highs in the 60’s and mostly sunny skies!!

    I’m thankful we’re hearing from Sue, Motoko and others, it makes this day even more special.

    Taylor…Yes, I have my radio day tapes and I cook my Prime Rib with a rub…depending upon how I feel, I mix up a variety of spices…we’ll see what I come up with this morning!

    Sounds like some delicious menu’s in progress…enjoy the day….Happy Thanksgiving Dear Villagers!!!!

  21. One of my mom’s specialities is ground turkey salad for sandwiches. When turkey is cheap this time of year, she starts filling her freezer with frozen turkeys that are 38 and 40 cents a pound. Her grandchildren love getting a container of her ground turkey.

    I wish there was a way to share culinary smells–I love the smell of turkey roasting.

    Have a beautiful Thanksgiving whether it is big or small. I loved all your messages. Paula left this reminder earlier that is a good one for us to remember:

    If we can just look around us and deliberately notice the gifts in our lives and make the time to appreciate them, to relax the muscles and breathe deeply, that alone can strengthen us for the transformative journey ahead.

    MJ, gobble, gobble back at you.

  22. Happy Thanksgiving to all! My computer is filled with greetings from my community in response to the email I sent out yesterday. They love the song too.

    I am blessed with the gifts of knowledge to write, communicate, comprehend, reachout, and to be grateful for them. I am blessed to be healthy, surrounded by Bob, Lanz, Shirley, Kaitlin, Ryan, Mike, Kristen, Avery, Connor, Dave, Laura, my siblings/family and my extended family in the hillaryvillagers gate and everywhere.

    Thank you for this blessed day of thanksgiving for friendship, love, peace and joy.

  23. My Dear Villagers,
    Have a good day eating and being grateful especially for the cooks if you did not have to cook or bake this year. Jenn and I are going to my mom’s and sister’s today. They are doing the dinner.

    This is the second year I have not done any Thanksgiving cooking or baking. Actually feels okay ladies and Steve. I recalled all those years I was working and the day before Thanksgiving was the last day to submit arbitration day briefs for the teachers’ contract arbitration. I was a secretary then and did all the typing as the lawyer wrote arguments squirreled away in a small room upstairs in our old house office building. I would get home after 7 pm and then start in with pies and stuffing. Those were the days. Then I graduated to the person writing briefs myself and having to get them to the office 20 miles away for typing. I used to muse that hopefully some day I would be able to just be home to bake and cook. That eventually happened and now it looks like I’ve graduated into no preparation at all.

    Have a great day everyone. and gobble gobble back to you too MJ. Tybby says chirp and a hi to you too. 🙂

    • Tanya – I am now retired, and I used to feel exactly like you when I worked. I was involved in New Business, and the end of the year we wrote tons of proposals for contracts the following year, so the holidays were always a bummer for me. Working weekends, long days (until midnight, late evening). There was one year I was working on Chrismas Eve. And I too looked forward to just staying home and enjoying cooking, putting up Christmas decorations, etc. I now get to do that now, and I would never go back to those hectic days of working. I am blessed, I am thankful for being able to retire when I did…

  24. Gobble, gobble, gobble right back at ya’ MJ!!

    Good to hear from everyone, Checking in again before we go off to my sisters with a car filled with food and drink!!

    My best to you dear villagers!

  25. Even on Thanksgiving day, the media donot pause.

    Obama’s thankless Thanksgiving
    By E.J. Dionne Jr.
    Thursday, November 26, 2009
    It’s now official: So in vogue are attacks on President Obama that even his proclamation calling the nation to a day of Thanksgiving has become the focus of criticism.
    Presidential Thanksgiving messages are a routine bit of executive prose that most citizens happily ignore in this moment of national gratitude. But the sky-is-falling mood that pervades Obama commentary couldn’t let this 435-word document pass without a few sniffs of disapproval.
    The Web site Gawker called it an “uninspiring first effort from our most literary president” and expressed hope that he would spend “a little more time on it next year.” Politico damned it with faint analysis — it was “basic” and “brief” and “tread lightly” to avoid controversy.

  26. Hello everyone, this is Robin here.

    The turkey is in the oven and the 4 double layer pumpkin pies were made last night, so I have a few minutes to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Since I am making the family turkey, I am using my mothers stuffing recipe which I’ve never made before. I am hoping everything turns out perfect. I get nervous about stuffing being completely cooked in a turkey without drying out the meat, so this year I’ve found a product that will eliminate this problem. I was fortunate to get it shipped to me in time for this Thanksgiving. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Mary is just hanging around and drooling. She cannot wait to eat. I am another person that puts the giblets in the gravy, just love that stuff.

    So, Normita, my best to you and all the Villagers. May your holiday be pleasant and peaceful where ever it takes you. I am heading to my sisters with all the food, but I must prepare a plate for Mary before I leave.

      • Hey Taylor, this is Robin.

        On a double layer pie the bottom layer is made with cream cheese and cool whip, then the top layer is pumpkin and vanilla pudding and seasonings. There anre a couple other ingredents. Zoe loves the stuff! I originally made this to get the little squirt to eat veggies and sure enough it worked! The pie is good and if you want the recipe let me know. This is a no bake pie.

        The gadget has a web site you can check out. http://www.roastingwand.com

        Enjoy the rest of your evening.

    • Robin, your turkey sounds great. Bob ordered a Diestel turkey, fresh, farmed in our side of CA. It was deliciously moist. Bob cooked it with dressing stuffed inside which added a lot of extra flavor. That’s all I know. I just gobbled gobbled, along with all the other stuff, including some sweet potatoes (just one spoonful).

      • Normita, this is Robin here,

        Your meal sounds great. Everything was good here in Illinois too. I’ve never heard of a Diestel turkey, but it sure sounds good! I went with a typical Butterball, 14.5 pounds.

        Gobble Gobble,

  27. Hello All,

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, may you have a wonderful happy day with all your friends and family!!!

    I love each and everyone of you and thankyou for all the friendships!!

    Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless All

    Love Teri and The Village Kids

  28. Hi Taylor,

    Yep, it has been a while. Look for me sometime in the Spring when all settles down.

    Have a great day!

    Only two years???! Wow, seems longer than that.

    • We’ll be here in the springtime. Hope you are getting settled Andersen. You’ve been through alot this year and need some TLC and peace.

      Foxnews featured using bacon to wrap a turkey. My mom and all of her daughters have been doing it for 30 years.

      • Taylor, it’s Robin.

        That bacon wrapped turkey sounds interesting…I wonder how it changes the taste of the turkey? Do you know?

      • Robin, it tastes delicious.

        Start by buying thick sliced bacon and white onions. In the morning I stuff the bird with my wild rice stuffing and then lightly salt and pepper the exterior. I then place thick slices of onion between the legs and on the breast and completely cover the bird with strips of the bacon. I place a tent over the bird and roast for the length needed for the size of the bird. During the last half hour, remove the tent and the bacon and onion. In our household, people crave the oven roasted bacon that is usually crisp and the onion.

        You do not need to baste the turkey because the bacon is taking care of that. This means the oven stays closed for most of the roasting.

        This is not an exact science. You adjust for the size of the bird and the uniqueness of your oven.

        We love the flavor it gives to the turkey and I’ve never had a “dry” turkey.

      • Taylor, it’s robin.

        That sounds good! I’ll have to try this out. I really like the idea of never having a dried out bird. Yes, I agree only tenting the top so it doesn’t brown and etc. too soon.

        Thanks again!.

      • The bacon turkey should be good. I use bacon when I bake a filet mignon and it always comes out great. Going to try this one. Thanks.

  29. So gooood to see Arctic, goandersen and Motoko dropping by. Just like old times, yes it’s been a little over 2 years, but our own village is a year and a half. Christmas is just around the corner so perhaps more will come home.

    CT, get that gate decorated, MJ, we need multi-colored lights. We need to get some of Mary’s Martinelli and CT’s pies ready to get some refreshments going.

  30. Not so good news for developments in Dubai.

    Dubai request for debt ‘standstill’ raises fear

    By BARBARA SURK, Associated Press Writer Barbara Surk, Associated Press Writer – 8 mins ago
    DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – Just a year after the global downturn derailed Dubai’s explosive growth, the city is now so swamped in debt that it’s asking for a six-month reprieve on paying its bills — causing a drop on world markets Thursday and raising questions about Dubai’s reputation as a magnet for international investment.
    The fallout came swiftly and was felt globally after Wednesday statement that Dubai’s main development engine, Dubai World, would ask creditors for a “standstill” on paying back its $60 billion debt until at least May. The company’s real estate arm, Nakheel — whose projects include the palm-shaped island in the Gulf — shoulders the bulk of money due to banks, investment houses and outside development contractors.
    In total, the state-backed networks nicknamed Dubai Inc. are $80 billion in the red and the emirate needed a bailout earlier this year from its oil-rich neighbor Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates.
    Read full article:

    This country who converted water to land development is in debt under the water. I saw them featured on 60 Minutes and the resorts, homes, commercial buildings that came up were something to behold.

    • Normita, it’s Robin

      I had heard about this on the morning news and it will be interesting to see how this unfolds and what happens to the economy worldwide. Great article! This could become a very important issue. This is something I want to pay attentions to down the road.

      • Robin, this whole Dubai developing news will impact many global companies – consulting, manufacturing, hotels, contractors, and other major aspects. They have great malls there that is a playground for the rich and poor in itself.

  31. Good night, villagers. Glad to have spent the day with family and friends today. Glad that we spent our time together in the village. Glad to see villagers dropping by.

    God bless.

  32. Good Morning, Villagers…clouds are in full play on this “day after” with drizzle now and rain later, highs in the 50’s!

    Greetings to Go, Arctic and Robin…it’s nice to hear from you all!

    My Thanksgiving meal turned out wonderfully, however, I think we’ll be eating mashed potatoes for quite some time into the foreseeable future…I always get carried away, I think it comes from being born into a large family…can’t bake small on holidays! Any creative ideas on how to change up mashed potatoes???

    Hope everyone’s enjoying the holiday weekend and all those leftovers…

    • Try putting them into an oven container and cover with some shredded Guyere cheese. Some also like to sprinkle them with garlic salt. Or you can roast some garlic and mix it in.

      How did you do the prime rib? What temp and for how long?

      Have a great Friday all.

    • Hi Karel, it’s Robin.

      I know of some people that like to make patties of them and fry them to go along side eggs at breakfast time. I hear they are good that way.

  33. Good morning everyone – had a great time and a great meal at my brother’s house yesterday. My sister-in-law is a great oook. She had both Turkey and ham, and lots of vegetables cause she knows some of us are mostly vegetarians (me), The potatoes were great, mashed with their own skin (for nutrition), great green beans with small onions, homemade cherry pie that was great!, nice salad, fantastic homemade stuffing (not cooked in the turkey), homemade rolls, and of course the Martinelli, which was agreat success. And we played Rumaki with the kids, great fun. The neighbors had 50 people next door who kept cruising by, especially the kids, lots of activity inside and outside. And the men watched football (I watched too, especially when Texas was playing). What a wonderful memory, don’t you think?

    I am enjoying reading about everybody else’s day. I love the turkey with bacon, the double pumpkin pie ( I want that recipe!). Left over potatoes are good just reheated in the microwave with fresh gravy, taste just as good as the first day.

  34. Tiger Woods was seriously injured in a car accident outside of his home in Florida. The Florida Highway Patrol says the golfer hit a fire hydrant and a tree as he pulled out of his driveway early Friday in his 2009 Cadillac sport utility vehicle. Woods was taken to Health Central Hospital. His condition wasn’t immediately known, though the news release said his injuries were serious.

    The highway patrol said the crash is under investigation and charges are pending, though the crash wasn’t alcohol-related.


    I hate when I hear things like this. I hope he is OK.

  35. Late good morning to all from our West side of the village. Woke up with a little sign of overnight rain as reported by Karel.

    Had quiche for breakfast brought by Shirley, with some mixed fruit of blueberries, strawberries and banana. Delicious and healthy.

    Delicious comments make my sugar go way up. The turkey with bacon sounds really good. Robin and Taylor’s exchange made me read it to Bob. Has anyone heard of how the deep fried turkey is gaining popularity? Haven’t heard much about it, other than the fact that people can order them cooked and ready to serve from places in Chinatown.

    Shirley left with loads of TO GO CONTAINERS stuffed with food for herself and for her dad. She’ll be spending time with her dad tomorrow so Bob had me pack the whole meal for Shirley to take. Even with all that, our fridge remains full, surely the villagers’ fridge are looking the same. Oh, there are at least 3 kinds of pies. Okay, eat up!

    Taylor mentioned having seen The Blindside with Sandra Bullock. Bob and I will see it this pm.

  36. Here’s an excerpt on a commentary about the sad and slow death of journalism from The Washington Post.

    “…The profession had rules about facts and sources and editors who enforced standards. At its best, the profession of journalism has involved a spirit of public service and adventure — reporting from a bomber during a raid in World War II, or exposing the suffering of Sudan or Appalachia, or rushing to the site of the World Trade Center moments after the buildings fell.
    By these standards, the changes we see in the media are also a decline. Most cable news networks have forsaken objectivity entirely and produce little actual news, since makeup for guests is cheaper than reporting. Most Internet sites display an endless hunger to comment and little appetite for verification. Free markets, it turns out, often make poor fact-checkers, instead feeding the fantasies of conspiracy theorists from “birthers” to Sept. 11, 2001, “truthers.” Bloggers in repressive countries often show great courage, but few American bloggers have the resources or inclination to report from war zones, famines and genocides….”

    There are more to this commentary that sounds familiar. Here’s the full article:

  37. CT and Tanya,

    Amy posted an event being given by the Clinton Foundation on December 1:

    Amy Dugan
    Posts: 183 On World AIDS Day — Tuesday, December 1 — we’d like to provide you with much more than an email update. You’re invited to a special event featuring President Clinton who will discuss the current AIDS crisis and the progress we’ve made.

    The event — hosted by the Clinton Foundation and the International Center for AIDS Care and Treatment Programs (ICAP) at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health — begins at 12:15 p.m. EST on Tuesday in New York City

    Seats Are Free But You Must RSVP!!!!


    Accdg to Amy, it’s FREE!!!

  38. Authorities: Tiger Woods seriously hurt in crash
    16 minutes ago
    ORLANDO, Fla. (AP)—Tiger Woods was seriously injured early Friday when he hit a fire hydrant and a tree near his Florida home, authorities said.

    The Florida Highway Patrol said the PGA star hit the fire hydrant and tree as he pulled out of his driveway in his 2009 Cadillac sport utility vehicle.

    Woods was taken to Health Central Hospital. Officials there did not have record of him as a patient, though the news release said Woods’ injuries were serious.

    The highway patrol said the crash is still under investigation, and charges are pending. However, the highway patrol said the crash was not alcohol-related.

    Woods, 33, owns a home in the exclusive subdivision of Isleworth near Orlando. Orange County property records indicate his home is valued at $2.4 million.


  39. The excitement of going and returning from space is still there. I heard someone talk that the new explorers may someday volunteer for missions from which they know they will not return in order to settle or explore a far awar planet. When you think about the “unknown” that faced our founders, it really doesn’t sound that different.

    Here is the news that AOL reported:
    CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (Nov. 27) — Space shuttle Atlantis and its seven astronauts returned to Earth with a smooth touchdown Friday to end an “amazing” flight that resupplied the International Space Station.
    With bright sunlight glinting off it, the shuttle swooped through a clear sky and landed on the runway right on time. Mission Control said no one could remember such welcoming conditions: There were no clouds in sight for the midmorning arrival, and the temperature was in the 50s.
    “Couldn’t have picked a clearer day,” commander Charles Hobaugh said during the final approach. Mission Control congratulated him on a “picture perfect” landing.
    “We really had truly an amazing mission,” Hobaugh said after exiting Atlantis. The description was later repeated by NASA managers happy to cap off a year of five successful shuttle missions.
    It was an especially sweet homecoming for two of the crew.
    Astronaut Nicole Stott was away for three months, living at the space station. Fellow crew member Randolph Bresnik’s baby daughter was born last weekend.
    “Everybody, welcome back to Earth, especially you, Nicole,” Mission Control radioed.

    • Taylor, this is perfect landing indeed!
      “With bright sunlight glinting off it, the shuttle swooped through a clear sky and landed on the runway right on time. Mission Control said no one could remember such welcoming conditions: There were no clouds in sight for the midmorning arrival, and the temperature was in the 50s.”

      I take my hats off to these brave and courageous astronauts. That speed, height and floating are just not for me, sorry. Every time there is a safe landing I look up to thank them.

      • We were in Palm Beach when the shuttle took off earlier this month. A group gathered on the beach but alas we could not see it.

      • If you visit Arlington Cemetery, be sure to the two memorials to crews of the Challenger and Columbia. They are near the Tomb of the Unknown.

  40. An 81 year old donor won to spend the day with Pres. Clinton.

    “Heavens to Betsy!”

    That was Marcia Shpall’s reaction when the 81-year-old graduate student found out she would be spending a day with President Clinton.

    A mother of four and grandmother of six, Marcia is getting her master’s degree at the Josef Korbel School of International Relations in Denver, Colorado.

    She made a donation to the Clinton Foundation in late October in response to an opportunity to spend World AIDS Day, December 1, with Bill Clinton in New York City. But she never dreamed she would be selected: “I never win anything!”

    She donated $36 to support the Foundation’s work to turn the tide of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa. “I think that was the most destructive — aside from genocide — to the population in general. The fact that they’ve had some success is very promising.”

    Why did she choose to give $36? The number 18 is chai in Hebrew, meaning “life.” She wanted to give “double the chai.”

    Good for her. Her $36 donation was made with the heartfelt meaning of making a difference in the lives of many.

  41. Villagers, I am so happy spending Thanksgiving with all of you. This village has a heart beat that touches everyone who enters the gate. This is indeed a beautiful village that has so much love in it!

    • Hey, villagers. This isn’t Robin this time!

      I entered the villatge gate to say good night. Haven’t done that in a while and wanted to tonight!

      Sweet dreams to all.

      • Hi MJ, we’ve been missing you! I sent you a shout the other day. Are you okay?

        Robin gave us a blow by blow of your Thanksgiving meal. It sounds like it was a great healthy meal. LOL

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