Christmas greetings from hillaryvillagers

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  It has been another beautiful year, but not without the challenges that life brings! Bless you all dear villagers for being here and for being who you are. May you all enjoy a beautiful holiday season and my prayers and hopes for the new year. “In this life we cannot do great things.
We can only do small things with great love.
—Mother Teresa


Wishing all Villagers, past, present, and future, a glorious Christmas and the happiest new year. Rejoice and be merry as the fight continues in 2010.  – Joy

Merry Christmas!  I wish you all the best on this most special of days and happiest of seasons.  Enjoy everything the season has to offer and cherish the times spent with family and friends. If anyone is alone on Christmas, I pray for remembrances of past good times and that you will either find someone with whom to share the holiday, be involved in helping others who are having difficult times during the holidays, or will be secure and content with yourself as you experience the holidays this year.  Happy Holidays to everyone! – Steve

Peace in the World, a good future for our children and their children.  God’s blessing on all of us. – Mary

Thank you for the keeping the villagers informed, motivated, and empowered.  I appreciate all that you do to make our village a better place for all.  Have a blessed Christmas. – Carmen

Recently I was drawn to an online article by Anna Pickard titled “Virtual friends, Real friends” and spent time reflecting on the village community.  As Anna said: “for the first time in history we’re lucky enough to choose friends not by location or luck, but pinpoint perfect friends by rounding up people with amazingly similar interests, matching politics, senses of humour, passionate feelings about the most infinitesimally tiny hobby communities.’  She concluded with “Virtual people make the best real friends”.

So with Christmas and 2010 fast approaching, I want to thank the village members for sharing, laughing, and screaming with me.  We are real and we have real visions of each other’s lives.  There is also a trust and caring that is precious.   Thank you and enjoy the holidays with your friends, family, neighbors, and village. Taylor

The Christmas Tree
Click on this link:
Merry Christmas, Toni-CO

God jul og godt nytt =E5r
(“Merry Christmas and Happy New Year”) – Denise

Peacefully and quietly the season gives us the most wonderful gifts … the joy in beauty and the wonder of love.  Highways and byways, bridges and oceans separate us, but we are bound by the spirit of celebrating our home-grown traditions.  In this Christmas season, we greet our village friends with tidings of hope, joy, love and peace. 

The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole
– Normita, Bob and Lanz

When I count my blessings, I feel the power of the Village stands out as a wholly unexpected blessing that has grown to be so much more..  It’s been such a blessing sharing the ups and downs of our lives…from coast to coast we represent everyday Americans.  I feel especially blessed having been given the opportunity to know each and every one of you…you make me see things from another’s point of view, you make me laugh and yes, sometimes I shed a tear or two, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  You’re all part of the fabric of my life now and I’m blessed.  Thank you all for being exactly who you are…that’s a real blessing.  Merry Christmas to you and your families…God Bless! – Karel

Village friends, I hope you only have a very Merry Christmas!!  I am looking for a cure for every disease in the world!! I really want my Dog to kiss Rudolf on Christmas Eve & get married.  (JUST KIDDING!!)  Anyway, 2 days till Christmas Day!! Merry Christmas! – Your Friend Zoe

My Dear Ones, my wish for you all is that the promise of Christmas shines brightly in your lives all year long. My heart connection to you all is deepened as we continue to share our ideas, feelings and life events with each other daily. Your love, kindness, compassion and points of view enrich my life. I am a far better and more rounded person since meeting all of you at Hillary Clinton blog two years ago.  Much love, a fellow hillaryvillager, Tanya

Merry Christmas to all my village friends, and happy birthday, Jesus!  Love, MJ
Wishing all fellow Hillary Villagers, a very joyous holiday season. Let’s celebrate Hillary’s phenomenal ratings and the media’s new found enlightenment about her.  Thank you for your friendship. – Sanders


89 thoughts on “Christmas greetings from hillaryvillagers

  1. What a beautiful display of feelings and emotions! This is what the season brings to all of us, to be reminded of the friendships that bind this village. To villagers here and everywhere, let us gather in the table of plenty in spirit, inspired by the moments of glee when we met in the village of Hillary, many, many months ago.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

  2. I joined the village this year, and I was welcomed on my first day, and now I look forward to reading your comments daily. It is important to me to read what you have to say. Taylor – thanks for the recipes, Teri – I love the kids, Mary Jo – the book reviews are excellent. CT – I like reading about Connecticut and what life is like there. I once wanted to live in Connecticut. And of course Normita, the best are the snowflakes coming down as I write this

  3. These greetings are dear and precious. Now for a virtual round of:

    hot chocolate
    Karel’s cookies
    with Christmas music in the background and a village candle flickering.

    May your Chritmas Eve be all that it can.

  4. This morning I anticipated coming to the village early to read all your messages and I was so gifted to read all your wonderful words to each other.

    Taylor, I agree that we are a very, real, virtual friendship here. MJ, thanks for reminding us whose birthday we celebrate tomorrow.

    And let us not forget, Teri (luckytic) and the Village kids, Maria in NJ, Veyry, Alabamian, Destiny, Scranton and Jackie, Lillibet, Harriet in Fla, Cleffnote, Gay Gal, Gowella, Lucy, Missouri Democrat, mithrandir, Pooh496, Artic907, Poochgirl, Sabrina, suef, suzibee, Undecided But Leaning, Vivian in CA, Iowa Voter, Kristi, Beca4Hillary, and Jade.

    As villagerforever says, “Once a villager always a villager.”

    Have a peaceful, holy, magical Christmas Eve Day.

    You brighten my day and lessen my burden always.

      • Tanya, thanks for the litany of villagers name. Surely, they feel your soft voice of compassion. And, yes, once a villager, always a villager!

    • Dear Tanya,

      As always, you are a guiding light. Thank you again for finding me!
      With love and gratitude. Your friend, Destiny

      • Dear Destiny,
        How could I not find you with your beaming light of radiant love and support for Hillary shining so brightly on our virtual village!

        So wonderful to see you here today. Merry Christmas and may the promise of Christmas shine brightly in your life all year.

        Hello to Bruce and tell him I made Ukrainian baked pierogi last night. If his ancestors didn’t make them: they are a yeast dough filled with mashed potatoes and farmer’s (pot) cheese, made in squares with opposite corners connected on top to form a crown or hat and then brushed with beaten egg, baked for 20 minutes until brown and serverd with a sauce of carmelized sliced thin onion and sour cream. Delicious!!!
        Love and a big heart felt smile,
        your Ukrainian/Russian/Polish friend, Tanya

      • Dear Tanya,

        Thank you for remembering Bruce. He laughed and said, “it was something like that, but Tanya’s recipe sounds delicious and quite edible”. I don’t think he has the best memories of food while growing up. Bruce always talks about a smell in his grandparent’s house that was very strong. Every once in a while he’ll say, “there’s that smell”. He had said it’s a combination of wet wood and musty oil. Tanya, not everyone can get it right, but you know that!
        We are enjoying a day of bike riding (santa brought new bikes for the kids) and playing games. I just love this time of year with the kids. We are having fun. I wish the same to you and everyone here. Enjoy your time and have some fun! Much love and a big smile, Destiny
        P.S. Thank you for your recipe!

  5. Good morning, villagers. As the bells of Christmas ascend in the village, let us light our hearts with gladness, with love, peace and joy.

      • Hello all Hillary Villagers,
        Thank you for the warm welcome. I thank Villager4Ever for the invite and welcome.

        I was a marathon phonecaller for Hillary, a blogger in various places including old HV, HW… and now here.

        This place truly feels warm and home-like. I am still getting to know the technology; lol.. a true villager here on that. lol. Those who know me know I am a news-hog. lol. So, often, I have to contain my enthusiasm in sharing news and big directional shifts that I sense. It will take a little time to get to know the board and then I will start posting. Hope you all reply with your thoughtful posts; I love to read people’s reaction to news.

        I hope you all enjoy a very peaceful and joyous season.


  6. Good Morning, Villagers…the sun rises for a mostly sunny Christmas Eve with highs in the mid 50’s…there’s a nip in the air, so we know it’s winter in CA.

    What heartfelt thoughts and wishes from our Villagers…another wonderful blessing as we start a new day!

    I’m off to run a few quick errands and then going over to my brothers house for Christmas Eve breakfast. My son went off to work this morning bright and early…I sent along a plate of Christmas cookies for his team…that put one of those priceless smiles on his face…he hadn’t expected me to do that. That’s what Christmas is about for me…the little blessings…that little smile….

    May your day be blessed with little blessings….God Bless!!

  7. Welcome to the village Sanders. There is no initiation just open arms. Since these days are hectic you may not see a lots of posts but that doesn’t mean we are not reading so join in whenever the spirit moves you. Where are you from?

  8. It’s a wonderful Christmas Eve. I have decided that I need to get into the Christmas rush, if only to window shop. So I am going out to the malls LOL and face the happy shoppers. See, I have no one to buy for anymore, and I get to just enjoy the atmosphere… Then I will go get me a nice hot tea and muffin somewhere. ENJOY the day villagers, Christmas comes but once a year…

  9. Loved reading all of the Christmas greetings above!! Enjoyed your blog comments, too!!

    Taylor and all, it was trecherous driving this morning due to the ice. We are to get a lot of rain now, and then it will get colder tomorrow. Guess Mother Nature can’t make up her mind!

    Also, I was glad to read that you guys liked the fun quiz on the previous thread!!

  10. Merry, Merry Christmas Eve! 😀

    I have been so touched every time I go out to the mail box and find a card with Christmas and New Year wishes from Village peeps. You have all ignited my Christmas Spirit, for sure!

    I love you guys, my peeps, my comrades, my friends.

    Egg Nog all around! 😆

  11. Sanders, you are in great company! You may even remember our blog names, I went with my real name, holding candles to light.
    Feel free to roam around in the village, listen to the music, look at the albums of the Clintons, they are forever in our hearts.

  12. It’s official, Merry Christmas on the East Coast. Had a great dinner with the family and finished with homemade ice cream.

    Need to go now and fill the stockings. I remember as a kid we would get an orange and some walnuts.

    Sweet Dreams and safe traveling if you are out tomorrow.

  13. Merry Christmas, villagers! Went to 8 PM mass, had soup then opened gifts. Bob took charge of the trash as I get the table ready for brunch tomorrow morning. A few people coming from the city, then will probably see a movie.

    Thank you for spending the Christmas in the village. Enjoy tomorrow!

  14. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to my Hillary Friends.
    Thank you for being there for me and my family.
    We will forever and always be grateful to you all.
    Best Wishes and much love,
    Destiny, Bruce, Dylan (11), and Julie (9)

      • Destiny, Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope someday when I’m in the area, you, Mary and I can meet for coffee.

        Happy New Year!

    • Hi Marypuma, I think of you often. I’ve been enjoying your posts, but I’m not posting too much these days. The kids homework is overwhelming and extremely time consuming. We are still out there doing protests (tea parties, media boycotts, end the fed – not making videos, but watching everything). United we stand – divided we fall, right? Thank you again for introducing us to the Bilderberg Group, etc. We are now in the know! Let’s work on getting Normita, you and I together. I hope our paths will cross again soon, in the meantime wishing you much happiness in the New Year. Love, Destiny

      Hi Normita, Thank you so much for keeping us all together and for your incredible, incredible emails. Please keep them coming.
      It would be so wonderful for you to visit and for marypuma, you and I to sit down together. It has been impossible for us to get up to visit you with the kids being in school and Bruce’s work schedule. I’ve been on this site and was wondering if you know about it. Constitutional Emergency at:
      Meanwhile, Bruce and I would like to officially invite you and your family to our home – anytime. Marypuma knows where we live and she lives close to us, so it would be a perfect place to get together! We’ll keep in touch.
      Wishing you a happy new year. Love, Destiny

  15. Good Morning everyone! This is Robin here.

    A Very Merry Christmas to all of you! Where ever this day may bring you, stop for a moment and try to imagine yourself outside your body looking in at this moment of where you are. It is a very unique perspective that you will cherrish. It gives me a quiet, peaceful moment while putting a smile on my face and joy in my heart.

    For everyone experiencing bad weather, please be careful out there and take your time getting to your destinations if you need to travel.

    It is a pleasure knowing all of you! May peace and kindness be with you and continue into the new year. Robin

    BYW Normita, sorry I’m a little late with my message.

    • Robin, it’s never too late. Your voice of compassion rings around the village.

      I am so grateful for the closeness we have developed in this village community. We grow due to the values that we have embedded in every word, in every comment and in every post make. Everyone who enters the gate leaves a piece of their heart and soul in the village.

      God bless.

  16. Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah to all. I am very grateful for the news and comments, and especially, online friends. I pass news on to an email list of my own. In turn, they do the same. Since the Failed MSM can’t do their job, I’ve been told by my email “list” that they are indeed grateful. Optimism and peace for the New Year to all.

    • Thank you for stopping by, glad you found the gate to the village. We love our country, we will safeguard it with our knowledge, courage and compassion. God bless and Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah to you.

      May the New Year bring peace and harmony to all.

  17. Merry Christmas to all my virtual family.

    Welcome Sanders, you”l find a gaggle of Hillary Clinton admirers and supporters here at the Village.

    MJ, off to see Alice, my sister Nadia, my nephew Chris and Tybby will keep the house warm for our return.

    Love, Tanya

    Destiny, I described a baked pierogi recipe above for Bruce.

  18. MERRY CHRISTMAS dear villagers. Mary Jo, I did exactly what you say to do last night, during midnight mass. It was indeed a glorious moment full of joy and forgiveness. In moments like that I can not feel anger or fear for our world. I just feel uplifted.

  19. Merry Christmas dear villagers. It was a good day. I received a kindle from my son and husband — they keep pushing me into new technology. I will try it for a month and let you know what I think.

    p.s. I ordered the William Sonoma croissants for brunch while we opened presents and they were a hit. They come frozen. The night before you take them out, let me rise and then brush them with an egg wash before you bake them. All six of us said they were the best we had eaten.

    Be safe.

  20. Wow, fantastic greetings from everywhere! Destiny, hpushkin, Ann & village Jackie, great to see you and thank you for hearing Tanya’s voice of love and compassion.

    I have tons more in the mailbox that I will post them all shortly! Wait there, don’t go away. LOL

  21. From still4hill:
    Merry Christmas, Normita!!!!!!!!

    From cher:
    I wish you and your family a very happy holiday and a Happy New Year!!

    From Helen:
    Merry Christmas to you and all the Villagers and a Happy New Year!

    From Toni-SF:
    Merry Christmas, God bless you.

    From Amy:
    Merry Christmas!
    Hillary 2012

  22. Peace and quiet for now. Had our neighbors and my sister and brother in law for brunch with my daughter too. I was very pleased with everything, the table was decorated with roses on clear vases with fresh cranberries at the bottom. It turned out quite pretty!

    We served fruit on compotes with strawberry jello squares on top, followed by selections of quiche and mini-morning buns, with choices of sparkling cider, tea and coffee. Then we opened gifts, good conversations, then I served slices of fruit tarts that our neighbors brought. It was delicious.

    Now we are deciding which movie to watch, then go home and have a Christmas dinner of ham, rolls, and selected veggies.

    Let us know how your day went, the food you shared, etc.

  23. Merry Christmas, dear Villagers…I hope everyone’s enjoying the holiday, spending time with loved ones and sharing some good conversation. It’s wonderful to have so many “once a Villager, always a Villager” drop bys…great to hear from them. Also, welcome to Sanders, I think you’ll find we’re a hospitable village that respects each others points of view.

    Off to my sisters house this afternoon/evening for Christmas dinner…the whole families expected, should be a houseful. I have packed up a few Christmas goodies to share.

    Make the most of the rest of your Christmas…God Bless…

  24. Jenn and I had a nice afternoon with My mom Alice and sister Nadia. The food was good: roast beef, roasted potatoes, fresh green beans and snow pod peas. Dessert was apple squares, butter cookies, nut roll, apricot roll, and clove,ginger,cinnamon cookies. We also munched on kielbasa slices, rye bread, and spinach, herb dip with crackers and drank ginger ale.

    I broke my sugar fast and ate some of everything. We shared memories of past Christmases and when we were little kids. A very nice, blessed day.

    Good night all. Oh, welcome hpushkin. Your name sounds Russian. Where do you live?

    • Tanya, that sounds reeaallyy delicious, with or without the gravy, and crescent rolls a must! LOL

      I had my blood test and my docs appt. last week, so I overdid it with sugar and had everything that landed on my plate.

    • Hey, glad you checked in! I love the article I found from the link:
      Hillary Clinton saves Christmas
      December 20, 2007
      A week or so ago news started spreading about a shipment of football gear headed to an orphanage in Cambodia. The stuff was meant to be a Christmas gift for the orphans — last year — but corrupt port authorities had refused to let the stuff through without a hefty Christmas gift of their own.

      Enter Hillary Rodham Clinton.

      After reading in The News about the standoff last week, U.S. Sens. Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton turned up the heat, e-mailing and phoning officials in Cambodia. Their persistence paid off.

      “Like Ebenezer Scrooge and the Grinch, the port officials blocking this gift had a miraculous change of heart,” Schumer said.

      Now that’s responsive government!

  25. Good night, villagers. This glorious wonderful day moves on but the celebration of love, joy and peace goes on.

    I am thankful to have friends and family with me and in spirit. Thanks for the blessing. Good night.

  26. Good morning villagers. Foggy day after raining during the evening. It is 47 and the snow is melting fast.

    My massage therapist is retiring so I have my last appointment with her this afternoon. When I was working and stress was high I found the appointments a way to unwind and detox the body. Now that I have retired it is has been a luxury.

    Enjoy the day and start a good book.

    • Silly me–I woke up thinking that today was Monday–my appointment is on Monday!! At least I realized it before I left the house.

      When I retired, my sister gave me a Day Clock, that only shows days of the week rather than time! It does come in handy some days. Every day is Saturday when you are retired.

  27. Good morning villagers. Thank you for all the warm Christmas wishes. I spent yesterday at my house with a large Christmas gathering with our family and a few friends. Everything went well but I must say I was very tired when it all ended. I spent a few moments going through throught the blog posts and I must say that our village is a special place indeed.

    I have some time off before the New Year so I will listen to taylor and start a good book. Have a wonderful day all and keep Christmas in your heart.

  28. Good morning on this day after Christmas. I imagine people’s rush to the malls. But the news I saw aside from that incident on the plane yesterday is mostly about the weather.

    “The National Weather Service issued blizzard warnings for parts of North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin through Saturday. The storm had already dumped significant snow across the region, including a record 14 inches in Oklahoma City and 11 inches in Duluth, Minn., on Thursday.”

    Taylor, how is your family travelling home from the path of the blizzard?

    • Most of my family stayed put. Rather than everyone traveling to Iowa where two of my sisters live, my other two Minnesota sisters went to my parents and celebrated. So the short answer is, the one sister who was going to do all the meals for 20, ended up with only 8 at her house and two households that did not plan to make meals were left coming up with last minute meals. Oh well, everyone is safe.

  29. Good Morning, Villagers…a gray start to the day and most likely a gray finish as well…lots of clouds with highs about 52 degrees…possible rain late tonite and tomorrow…good timing just after Christmas and yesterday was blue skies all around!

    Taylor…you remind me of the wascally wabbit…”Silly me”…what was that cereal he never got to eat? Anyway, it made me smile this morning!!

    My son will be off to work before long, then I’ll tackle some of the Christmas heaps of stuff…need to neaten up a bit!

    Enjoy the holiday….

  30. Good morning villagers – we had a wonderful day yesterday. We went to a friend’s house for Christmas dinner – she had 67 (yes, 67) members of her family there. It was great!… There were people and kids everywhere. She served prime rib and ham (for all 67), and three kinds of mashed potatoes, and roasted sweet potatotes (great!), and people brought all sorts of other things. I liked the hummus served with tavv?…(sp) – chopped parsley, tomatoes, onions, and some kind of wheat – It was great mixed together. She is an old friend from work (20 years), she will retire soon, and she lives 15 minutes away. I am looking for to her retiring and our excursions together…

    My husband and I are going on a short trip to San Diego today, to enjoy the rest of the holidays, but we will be back home before the New Year’s rush… Enjoy… Enjoy… Enjoy… the week…

    • Mary, we used to have a family Thanksgiving dinner at one of my sisters’ garage. Adults and kids of every age and size were there, but then everyone expanded their own horizons and the tradition stopped.

      Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

  31. Quote of the Day
    A kind heart is a fountain of gladness, making everything in its vicinity freshen into smiles.
    Washington Irving

    This is what hillaryvillagers is all about, spreading a fountain of gladness.

  32. I found Harriet’s comment in the previous thread:

    Harriet Says:
    I have not been back on line for a long time. I am from the old hillary days pre-election. I am enjoying your beautiful new site and your information regarding holiday doings. Keep up the spirit. Normita I finally made it back. It is easier than I thought. I loved the songs to. I will be back again.

    Harriet/Florida No snow but cold.

  33. We had three quick returns, exchanges and had no problem popping in the maill and getting them done in record time. Even though the lots were full, we were lucky. What made it quick was that we did no shopping only exchanges. My husband was amazed how quickly it happened.

  34. Thanks for popping in Harriet. We miss the “southern” perspective. We have the East, MW, and West covered but the South has been missing.

  35. Sanders has a great post in the forum. Check it out.

    Taylor, it’s amazing that you didn’t have to deal with parking, lines at the mall today. I haven’t been listening to the local news about the rush today.

    Tomorrow I plan to take the train to the city to check out the stuff at Bloomingdale’s, that’s my ritual. Their decorations are always fabulous but unaffordable for me at regular price. Bob reluctantly agreed to tag along.

  36. I made a new salad tonight. First I sauteed pecan halves in balsamic vinegar with a dash of cinnamon and cayenne pepper. Then you sprinkled them with a little sugar and sauteed 1-2 minutes longer. The salad dressing consisted of olive oil, mustard, a bit of sugar and balsamic vinegar. Slice one bosc pear. Toss altogether with a bag of salad greens and sprinkle with freshly grated parmesan cheese We both loved it and will definitely make it again.

    Tomorrow we tackle the leftovers in the frig from the last few days.

    It has been three days since I’ve seen the news so I feel a bit in the dark. I did hear about the airline terroist which wasn’t reassuring since our daughter was flying today.

    Have a peaceful evening villagers.

    • Taylor, I just recd a news alert on the incident on board the plane yesterday:

      News Alert
      03:51 PM EST Saturday, December 26, 2009

      U.S. authorities charge Nigerian man with attempting to destroy aircraft

      U.S. authorities charge Abdul Farouk Abdulmutallab in a federal criminal complaint with attempting to destroy a Northwest Airlines aircraft on its final approach to Detroit Metropolitan Airport on Christmas Day and with placing a destructive device on the aircraft.

      For more information, visit –

      Surely there will be new rules at airports and on the plane.

  37. Hi everyone!

    Great comments from our regular bloggers and from the villagers we don’t hear from often enough.

    I want to thank Tanya and Karel for their Christmas greetings in the mail. I also appreciated hearing from Teri, Normita, and KEY. A big thank you to Robin for reading and describing everything. Also, thanks to all the villagers for their holiday wishes for all. Oh Mary, I appreciated the virtual Christmas present.

    Don’t know what’s up with Teri. Haven’t heard from her in a while. Hope she and her family are okay.

    Good night all.

  38. Wonderful time of the year for hillaryvillagers! Thank you for spending time in between your holiday chores to share information, laughter, joy and peace in the village.

    Time to do the roll call: Taylor, Karel, CT, Mary, MJ, Tanya, Denise, still4hill, Sanders, Harriet, Destiny, hpushkin, Helen, Toni-CO, Toni-SF, Amy, Cher, Steve, Ann and Jackie, Teri and the village kids, Zoe, Joy, Robin, Maria, Annette, Hillary, Chelsea, Bill and Ms. Dorothy, villagers here and everywhere.

    Good night, villagers.

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