Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Mother’s Day – Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother’s Day History
Origin of Mother’s Day goes back to the era of ancient Greek and Romans. But the roots of Mother’s Day history can also be traced in UK where a Mothering Sunday was celebrated much before the festival saw the light of the day in US. However, the celebration of the festival as it is seen today is a recent phenomenon and not even a hundred years old. Thanks to the hard work of the pioneering women of their times, Julia Ward Howe and Anna Jarvis that the day came into existence. Today the festival of Mothers day is celebrated across 46 countries (though on different dates) and is a hugely popular affair. Millions of people across the globe take the day as an opportunity to honor their mothers, thank them for their efforts in giving them life, raising them and being their constant support and well wisher.

Anna Jarvis is recognised as the Founder of Mothers Day in US. Though Anna Jarvis never married and never had kids, she is also known as the Mother of Mothers Day, an apt title for the lady who worked hard to bestow honor on all mothers.

Present Day Celebrations
Today Mother’s Day is celebrated in several countries including US, UK, India, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Turkey, Australia, Mexico, Canada, China, Japan and Belgium. People take the day as an opportunity to pay tribute to their mothers and thank them for all their love and support. The day has become hugely popular and in several countries phone lines witness maximum traffic. There is also a tradition of gifting flowers, cards and others gift to mothers on the Mothers Day. The festival has become commercialised to a great extent. Florists, card manufacturers and gift sellers see huge business potential in the day and make good money through a rigorous advertising campaign. It is unfortunate to note that Ms Anna Jarvis, who devoted her life for the declaration of Mothers Day holiday was deeply hurt to note the huge commercialization of the day.


Villagers Mother’s Day Memories

For one of the Angels who walked the earth. Margene R. Bennett, my eldest sister, the one who cared for me as a child, the one who was always there for everyone in the family no matter what, the one who give the shirt off her back to a stranger. For the one who now rests in peace in the arms of the Angels, her kindred Spirits.



A poem for all Moms!  Everyday is a celebration of Mothers!



I am woman
I am mother
I am God made
And Heaven sent
Like all mothers before me
And all those to come

Guardians and teachers
Of His most beloved creations
Our children
To whom the Kingdom of Heaven belongs
Whose innocence
And faith
Belief and love
Shall be nurtured
And preserved

I pray for the strength
To keep them from sin
My purpose is clear
And with faith and love
I shall fulfill it

Vicky Andriotis

From her book…Prayer in Poetry for the Christian Mother

My mother had two older brothers and always wanted a sister.  Instead she had five daughters within ten years.  Having five daughters when you lived on a farm wasn’t necessarily considered an asset! 

Mom enjoyed a simple life of family and friends.  When I was growing up it was not uncommon for neighbors to drop in to play cards after a hard day of working on the farm.  Now that they have lost many of their friends and the traditions have changed where people wait to be invited, she misses those days.  But she and my dad still play a mean game of cards.  We always play when we are together, many times into the wee hours. 

I know I am blessed because many of my friends have lost their mothers.  Neither of my parents thought they would live this long but are truly grateful for their family and faith.  This year, I sent her a dollar for every year she has been a mother but told her not to forget that I was the one there for her first Mother’s Day.  Happy Mother’s Day to all.

Some of my fondest memories of Mother’s Day actually came before I was even a mother. I worked in the recreation department of a local nursing home while in undergraduate school.  I obviously worked week-ends and holidays and spent many with the nursing home residents and their families- as well as the family we employees created for ourselves. 

The simple pleasures of sitting together, singing old songs and enjoying cake with overly sweet frosting, while enjoying the bouquets of flowers brought to the residents as well as the abundance of flowers that spring brings to suburban NJ.  I remember sitting with immigrants from foreign nations, veterans of war, women who went to work during the war, women who raised their children through the depression.  Simple life back then.  Miss those simple days sometimes…

I wish all the Villagers mothers, daughters, nieces, etc., a very HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

Being a mother is the most incredible experience to me. It is a real miracle for my husband and I. I had 2 miscarriages before I gave birth to my 2 sons. I thought that I was never going to be able to be a mother! All my friends had kids, and I was always attending their Birthday Parties with no kids on my own. I prayed and prayed and prayed until I accepted that may be I was chosen by God to be a married woman without kids; but suddenly when I accepted God’s plan for my life; I was pregnant again and this time my first child was born, and 2 years later my second one.

They are the most important people in my life, but my love for them is not enough; I have had so many times to try to correct the mistakes that we have done, and just try to learn how to be there for them in the best way we can. I often think that it would have been great if all those years (5) that I spent without them I could be attending a school for parents that now I need a lot. What a challenging job it is! Who has all the answers? What makes you a good parent?  GOD gives us all wisdom to not mess all your plan up!

All my respect to you who have had the privilege and responsibility to be a MOTHER!  God bless you all!

I grew up in a household of twelve children plus cousins who seemed to have called our home their home.  My parents did not have a lot of money but they inspired us with their endearing love, generosity and respect for others.  As the youngest, I was fortunate to be with them everywhere they went so I got to meet many people in our town and in other places.  One thing I noticed during those days, my parents always had some gift to hand to the home we were visiting, a bag of fruit, homemade food, bag of biscuits.  I asked my mother why it was necessary to bring something and she told me that it was a show of appreciation, a sharing of blessings with the people who were receiving us to their home. I picked that trait from my mother.  To this day, when I go to someone’s home, I would stop by at Costco, Safeway or a fruit stand to pick up a little something to hand to the person as I walk to their door.  Bob knows about this and he now asks where I want to stop on the way to someone’s home, my daughter’s and his sons’ included.  It’s funny because when I meet friends and colleagues, most of the time I bring them stuff too, little things.  I feel blessed.  Thank you, mom!

Mary Jo
Happy Mother’s Day to all the village mom’s, including the mom’s whose children are of the furry or feathered variety!




My memories of my mother are day-to-day memories of how we lived, what she believed in, how hard she worked, how proud she was of each of us.  She had 9 children, 6 children survived.  Someone asked her one time why she had so many children?  She responded ” which one would I give up, I love them all, how would I decide?  My mother died of a stroke when I was 33.  It was a catastrophic event for me, tragic, so painful, even now I can feel the pain. I lost her too soon.  She did not really get to know me as the woman that I am now, and I regret that.  But, even today, in every success I have, I toast to her memory.  


Bob and Lanz
Lanz here!  Woof! Woof!  Happy Mother’s Day to all!  My dad just took me to the groomer yesterday and I am really looking good, according to my mom.  I enjoy going to the groomer, problem is, she tags and pulls on my fluffy ears too much and sometimes it hurts.  My mom is so particular about how even my eyebrows are, how short I am all over.  Sometimes she takes me back to the groomer to get my haircut fixed.  Otherwise, I am enjoying the nice weather that we are having now.  I have my own door where I can go in and out to get some sun, sitting on the grass and just hang out until my mom calls me, ‘Lanz, come in now’.  So, I guess I have to go now.  Love you all.  Oh, by the way, enjoy my picture with the hydrangea that my mom will give to her doc.
To view the slideshow of the villagers’ personal Mother’s Day roses, click on:  http://www.hillaryvillagers.net/apps/photos/album?albumid=5829682

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May 7, 2010

95 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!!!

  1. Good morning, villagers here and everywhere! As we honor our own mothers, every mother and every mother-figure, let us pause and reflect on the inspiration that this day gives us. We all have fond memories buried in our heart that are so difficult to put into words. So let us rejoice on those memories.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. What a lovely thread. Thank you Normita.

    We did not grow up with the tradition of always taking a gift but no one stepped into our house without being offered a meal. And most of these were drop-in visitors.

    AOL had this column which is a subject that did give lots of mothers freedom of a different type:

    How the Pill Liberated My Mother . . . and Me

    Whenever I asked my mother if I was an “accident” — as I did from time to time — she’d fob the question off awkwardly. “You were a planned accident” she’d say with a chuckle, trying to reassure me. But her laughter belied the truth.

    I remember once asking my mother when I was still fairly young what was the most important invention that had happened in her lifetime. I was expecting to hear something like penicillin or the atom bomb. Instead, the answer she gave surprised me. She said that it was the invention of the birth control pill.

    I was probably 8 or 9 at the time and didn’t even know what birth control was. She explained that it had liberated women by not forcing them to have children that they didn’t want or couldn’t care for.


  3. Taylor, I was the last one from the twelve and was considered an unexpected addition to the brood. I have 3 brothers in front of me who I ‘fought tooth and nail’ whenever my mom was away. Those brothers were upset that I got away with everything so they gave it to me when my mom wasn’t around. I learned to fight and when I couldn’t anymore I will cry until my mother came home. Naturally the boys went hiding. Now these brothers are so kind to me.

  4. Hi guys!
    Happy Mother’s day to all of you who are mothers or who have a mother (still alive or in heaven).there’s no greatest love on earth, don’t you think? God’s in our lives in the form of ours mothers! Congratulations to all of you! Thank you for your post MJ and congratulations for your mom’s love to you; you’re a source of inspiration to me and a joy to the Villagers I’m sure! have a wonderful Day!

    • Hi, Veyry! Thank you for your kind comments. It is nice to see you here in the village more often!

  5. Vcal, I love your story. The question of what makes one a good parent is tough to define and answer. We can all relate to the fact that there is no straight line to parenting. Every child is different. In my case, I only have one daughter, even with one it was never easy. Fortunately, she grew up humble and generous, very simple and trustworthy. I count my blessings everyday for her.

  6. Some election news in U.K., no clear winner.

    U.K. Vote Results in Hung Election With Tories in the Lead

    After a much-anticipated election, British voters may have somewhat anticlimactic results awaiting them this morning: With votes nearly counted, no party appears to have enough of a majority to form a single ruling government. Although votes are still being counted, David Cameron and the Tories held the most seats in Parliament this morning, followed by the incumbent Labor Party and then the Liberal Democrats. Incumbent Labor Prime Minister Gordon Brown showed up to work at Downing Street this morning in a reminder that with a hung parliament, he remains in power with the opportunity to form a coalition government. Despite the prevalent hype for Liberal Democratic candidate Nick Clegg, who was widely thought to have outshone his competitors in the country’s first televised candidates’ debates, the third party failed to transform that enthusiasm into a surge at the polls. Election day was not without excitement, though. Thousands were turned away from polling places that could not accommodate this year’s large turnouts, which led to sit-ins and a general uproar from those unable to vote. (Clegg apologized to voters in his constituency who waited in line only to be turned away.) The Green Party also made news by winning its first seat in Parliament, and earlier in the day, a candidate for the libertarian UK Independence Party was injured in a plane crash when the election banner his aircraft was towing got caught in the tail. The markets felt some of the election’s uncertainty, too: “UK government bonds and sterling fell early on Friday as investors worried about the prospect of a hung parliament and contagion affects from the US and Europe,” reported the Financial Times. The Times of London has continued live-blogging with updates this morning, and journos on both sides of the Atlantic seem to be particularly enjoying British Foreign Secretary David Miliband’s frequent tweets.

    Read original story in The Times of London | Friday, May 7, 2010

    Surely FM Secretary Miliband is tweeting our chief constantly. Cute!

  7. There are many different cookie cutters when it comes to mothers. We have all been mothered or have mothered others at some point in our lives. Sometimes friends are like mothers, sometimes it is a sister, sometimes it is the dad, sometimes it is a neighbor. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a classic family structure or a classic mother. Two of my daughter’s close friends in high school lost their mothers to illness when they were young Sometimes, mothering takes a village.

    MJ, I have several friends who are mother to furry and feathery children. It is a win-win relationship.

    We must all keep our eyes open for that someone who may need a little mothering. Sometimes it is a need that lasts less than a day and for others it is a lifetime.

    Happy Friday villagers. Where is Teri? I sent the kids the music with your recommendations.

    • Taylor and all, I will text Teri to see if I can find out what’s up with her and the village chitlins. BTW, sometimes I feel like Teri’s mom! 🙂

  8. Normita,

    Thank you for creating this thread, you are always engaged in such heartfelt deeds.
    Bless you!

    I am really enjoying reading everyone’s posts today. A nice break from all the other “stuff” going on. A time to celebrate those in our lives who impacted who we are today.

  9. Click on the sidebar to view the slideshow of our individual roses to honor each of us and the mothers in our lives.

  10. Got a txt reply from Teri. She’s sorry she hasn’t emailed me, but will. I textedd her back and said the villagers have been asking about her. She also said that she hasn’t been to FB or anywhere. Also said it will all be okay. Taylor, she asked me to tell you she got the CD ffrom you and the villagers. The girls love it! She said thank you (TY). If I hear anymore, I’ll pass it along to you all.

  11. Here’s a message from Steve:


    Sorry I didn’t answer you sooner. I’ve been really sick with a Norovirus…the stomach flu type thing that many people get on cruise ships. The doctor told me his office has been full of people with it this week. I called him at home Wednesday and I have never called him at home for anything in the 20 years I’ve known him. My temperature shot up to 100 within 1/2 hour (and my normal temp. is about 98.0–below normal) so I was a bit alarmed. I only ran about 100.6 when I had pneumonia 10 years ago.

    He told me I would think I was dying, but said it isn’t nearly as bad as it seems. He gave me good advice and I seem to be coming out of it pretty well, but need rest, rest, rest. This has not been my year health-wise, but I know these times come occasionally and can gather strength from learning to deal from these down-times.

    I’ll read the Mother’s Day honors in a day or two when I’m better! Look forward to it.

    I hope you have a happy Mother’s Day and weekend!


  12. MJ, glad to hear finally from Teri. She must have a very heavy burden on her shoulders. But like you said “it will all be okay.”

  13. Mothers Day is also a time to reach out to those who have lost a child, no matter what age. The following is a sad story but reminder to keep things in perspective:

    Through parents’ grief, a window on gratitude

    It’s Mother’s Day weekend, so people are going to be busy.

    Brunches, family visits, boys throwing tantrums in tiny seersucker suits. So the National Walk to End Brain Tumors isn’t on everyone’s to-do list. But Katie and Brian Mandell will be there Saturday, shoes laced up for the Ashburn event, one of about 40 to be held across the country this weekend.

    Then, instead of brunch Sunday, they’ll visit their daughter’s grave
    Their blog about Emily attracted a huge following.
    She died March 30, 2009. “We wouldn’t do anything differently,” said Katie, who knows Mother’s Day will be tough. “Maybe that’ll be the day I stay in bed all day.”

    Summoning all that grief to fight brain tumors is daunting. The Mandells do charity runs and walks, raise awareness, raise money. Katie started an online business, Emily Kate Baby, selling baby blankets to help fund work at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.

    But Katie and Brian will be thrilled if hearing Emily’s story makes you hug your kid a little tighter, call your mom, chill out on the mess the boys made in the back yard or forgive the fact that brunch was a catastrophe.


  14. I posted this Mother’s Day greeting to our chief:

    Dear Madame Secretary,

    On the eve of one of the most memorable days to honor mothers, I am reminded of some unforgettable moments watching you standing side by side with your mom in 2008, beaming with pride for each other. You have both inspired me and millions of mothers for the heartfelt show of love and respect between mother and daughter.

    I would like to congratulate you on the coming marriage of your daughter Chelsea. Please allow me to share your pride and joy in such a happy occasion, as I have watched her as a teenager growing up in the While House.

    It’s hard to imagine how you find the energy to laugh, to smile and to do so many things for the ones you love and for the people. As I always say, “Hillary, you are simply the best.”

    Happy Mother’s Day to you and your Mom.

    With loving thoughts,
    Normita Fenn, a proud hillaryvillager

  15. Normita, Thank you for the lovely rose garden dedicated to each of us including Lanz’ mother. Did you know her?

    Have we heard from Kathy lately? I hope her family in Greece are doing okay? She is probably spending her evenings at the soccer field.

    • His job must be phenomenally fun and challenging to be able to capture the right angle. In that kind of work, photographers must know a lot about the species, their character, likes and dislikes, just like humans.

  16. Taylor, I saved emily’s blanket website in my faves. They look really good and it’s for a good cause.

  17. Good morning villagers.

    We need to watch the explanations of Thursday’s plunge in the Stock Market very closely. Some are now concerned that it could have been planned since there are always big winners and big losers with big fluctuations. Others have called for the deals during those twenty minutes to be negated.



    • yes, Taylor, I have been watching these. Something is fishy. Even O’Reilly mentioned it yesterday. He went as far to call it a sham, which is unusual unless he knows something we don’t know…

      Have a good day everyone – BBL…. off to a Saturday faire…

  18. Good Morning, Villagers…fog’s slipping out of the picture, leaving us with some high clouds, otherwise sunny skies, temps expected to touch 70 degrees! Very mild weather, possible shower for Mother’s Day!

    Normita…the changes to our Village Wallpaper are wonderful…don’t we all wish we could change our home environments that easily and inexpensively?!!

    I hope they do figure out what occurred at the NYSE…this kind of thing shouldn’t have happened…where are the safeguards or regulators? I’m beginning to think that almost all people in quality control are on the “take”…government regulators, wall street regulators, etc. Quality control isn’t a job for the faint of heart…it takes a person of strong conviction and one that’s not willing to compromise those convictions!

    We’re blessed with another wonderful weekend…enjoy…

  19. Karel, thank you for your comments. It’s amazing what technology brings to us! Even Lanz was able to type a comment with his photo. He was just so used to facing the camera, but after a few shots he ran away, saying ENOUGH ALREADY. Now if a dog can say about the things a mother is doing to him, then people must do the same to what the politicians are doing.

  20. I’m wondering how they will identify a cyber attack? Many cyber attacks are not advertised to help prevent copy cats.

  21. Good morning, villagers. Today is one of the busiest days in card shops and flower shops getting stuff for moms. It is a day for boys and girls (including us) to remember our moms, our aunts, our sisters, dads who raised kids like moms, grandmas and friends. As stated in the thread, this day has become so commercialized, however, it is mom’s special day so let her be showered with phone calls, candies, cards, flowers, brunch and dinner. It is a lovely day.

    After church tomorrow Bob and my daughter will take me to brunch at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco. We’ll also be joined by my sister and her husband. It will be a wonderful day.

  22. Lanz is going to get his shot at the vet. I prepared a hydrangea plant for him to take to his favorite doc, Dr. Liezl P. It’s Mother’s Day!

  23. Peeps, today we are chilly. It is around 50 degrees and partly sunny. Mother’s Day is forecasted to be sunny and around 60.

    Thank you all for your Mother’s Day memories and greetings. I never knew that Lanz could type. Thank you, Normita, for the Mother’s Day history.

  24. The florists either loved or hated May in Minnesota: we would have May Crowning, Mother’s Day, high school proms, high school graduations, college graduations, weddings, and Memorial Day. When there is only one or two florists per town, that is alot of pressure. I know more people married in May than June.

    When we were getting married, my husband and I flew to Minnesota (my home town had about 8,000 folks) and did all the critical arrangements in one weekend (florists, church, tux, rehearsal dinner, reception, cake, etc) When you only have a choice of 1 or 2, planning is so much simpler. We were married on a December Monday in MN so we also did not have to worry about conflicts with other bridal parties.

    I just watched a biography of Jane Austen which prompted me to add Sense and Sensibility to my rent list. Did you know there are three versions (1981, 1996, and 2008)? I placed all three in my queue–I love to compare.

    Enjoy your weekend all.

    • Taylor, very interesting to read about your hometown digs. December wedding in your hometown must be really awesomely white.

      • During the wedding and reception the temp from 14 degrees to -7. The lakes were frozen solid and we took friends for car trips across the lakes.

  25. The neighbors just rang the bell. He found Lanz wondering around outside our open garage. He must have gotten out while Bob was in the backyard with the garage open. As you can tell, Bob will continually hear about this past Mother’s Day (from Lanz’s mom, me!). Questioning and investigation going on right now! 😦

  26. I took some pictures of the new blooming roses and posted different ones for each on the thread. The reds, whites and yellows are not included.

  27. Hello all and a very Happy Mother’s day to all! What a beautiful thread and what beautiful stories.

    Lately I have been a volunteer mom, working mom, soccer mom and just a plain ‘ole mom all on high gear at the same time.

    May everyone have a wonderful weekend!

    • I hope your kids give you a jar of vitamins for mother’s day! Have a great day with everyone.

      You list of “moms” reminds me of a story from work. During our multiple years of downsizing many of us were asked/required to wear multiple hats. One of my friends finally got a baseball cap for each of her “roles”, labeled them, and pinned them to her bulletin board. To be honest, life with multiple hats is more interesting, challenging, and rewarding. But there must always be some time for yourself.

      Happy nurturing day to us all.

  28. Hi everyone – I spent the afternoon watching movies. Just finished watching “Sabrina”, I love that move. It is a cool, breezy, beautiful afternoon. Normita, take it easy on Bob. I think you should question Lanz more closely, I bet he sneaked out.

    Well, it has been a quiet day. Hope tomorrow is the same way. I got flowers from my husband just now. He can be so sweet sometimes.

    Normita, I love the roses. Thank you.

    Taylor – I love Sense and Sensibilility too. I just finished reading Northanger Abbey, another Austen book, that I downloaded free on my IPad. All her books are free. I like my IPad for reading. Haven;t used for much else yet.
    I am reading Emma next.

    Taylor’s December wedding sounds great. My nephew got married in December in Texas one year. It was zero degrees when we left the hotel for his wedding. But the church was decorated with Christmas decorations, and it was just breathtaking.

    Happy mother’s day everybody. It feels great to be alive, doesn’t it?

  29. I’m watching Jane Austen’s Book Club movie now. Loving it!

    Lanz felt bad that he’s been couped up in his house unless called. Bob and I had a conversation with him.

  30. Happy Mother’s Day already in most parts of the country.

    To all mothers here and everywhere, Happy Mother’s Day! Enjoy!

  31. From Destiny:

    Happy Mother’s Day, Normita ~ wishing you a relaxing day with your family.
    Keep up all the good (and hard) work you are doing to keep us informed!
    Much love and many thanks,

    Destiny, Bruce, Dylan (11) and Julie (9).

  32. Good morning, villagers!


  33. Have a great day villagers. There is is a new documentary called “Babies” that is showing at the theaters this weekend for those dealing with lousy weather. Here it is sunny but chilly. Time to get the long pants out again.

  34. Happy Mother’s Day Village Family,
    God has blessed us all with
    another year of motherhood.
    Another year to love our children
    and to be loved by them in return.
    Let’s be quick to remember our golden parenting moments and slow to recall our not so perfect ones.
    Let’s love ourselves as much as we love our children.
    And never loose sight of the child who is forever a part of us all.
    Have a wonderful day friends!

    Ann–mother of Jaclyn Rachel Jing–age 10
    Born in my heart on October 10, 1999 in Nanjing, China.

    • Happy Mother’s Day Ann. Enjoy these special years with Jackie and thank you for the lovely poem.

      Last night we watched a movie where they served lavender honey ice cream and it stirred my curiousity. Has any villager had ice cream with lavender? Also has anyone visited lavender fields or a lavender festival?

      • I have gone to the lavender festival at Ojai a couple of years back. My husband played in a saxophone quartet there. It was fun. Lots of lavender plants for sale, lavender soap, lavender spray, lavender lotion, lots of flowers everywhere. It was all around the Ojai plaza. Nice day. But no lavender Ice cream that I can remember…

  35. Good Morning, Villagers…here comes the rain, mostly gray, cloudy skies with temperatures around 60 degrees!! We’re being blessed with showers!

    All the Mother stories, thoughts and poems are especially heartwarming this morning….Happy Mother’s Day!!

    The love and admiration I feel for my mom is beyond words…I feel so blessed that she’s still here to share the lives of her five kids.

    God Bless the Moms…enjoy the day…

  36. Happy Mother’s Day to all my fellow villagers and Hillary too.

    Normita, you created a beautiful thread for today. Thank you. You all shared such beautiful stories about motherhood memories.

    Taylor, Happy Birthday whenever it is this week.

    MJ, thanks for being Teri’s text Mom.

    Kathy, I miss you.

    Brother Steve, Feel better soon.

    Scranton Ann, always good to hear from you and Jackie.

    I, too, am blessed to have my Mom still in my life. Today Jenn and I are spending the day together just being. She has been running for weeks to the hospital to be with her Dad. Windy here in CT and 53 degrees. I don’t mind. I sat in the yard on Friday visiting with a friend and did not think to put on sun screen, ouch!! What was I thinking or not thinking????

    Love, to you all.

  37. Good morning – Normita – I just bought some hardy lavender plants mail order. They arrived yesterday. I will plant them this week. They grow tall, can becme like hedges if you want. And they are hardy. I am so hopeful that the will grow well. I will plant three of them in the shade of one of my trees, and three of them in the sunny part of the yard, against the high wall. I hope some of them take and do well. They are supposed to be very fragrant.

  38. Happy Mother’s Day again! Zoe sent me this greeting to share with all of you:

    I just wanted to say Mothers Day is a special chance to say that you love them!!

    Mothers Day is a Special Holiday!!


  39. Hello Everyone,

    And Happy Mother’s Day to all of you!! I feel like i have so many mother figures here and i really do thankyou ALL!!

    Im so sorry ive been away for awhile, ive been going through alot of stuff, but i will share with you all later i dont want to go into it today.

    But i missed all of you so much and think and pray for you all everyday.

    Normita what a beatiful thread!!

    I will be back online this week read the threads and see what ive been missing and share whats going on with us.

    We love you all and Taylor thanks for sending the girls the sweet CD of cool songs they really love music and that was so thoughtful of all The Villagers!!

    Have a great Mother’s Day!!

    Teri, Shandy, Shae,Star and SunnyJune

  40. Just got back mother’s day lunch with by son and husband (our daughter is in NYC this weekend). I wanted casual this year so we went to a great brick oven pizza place in Georgetown. I ordered a tomato, basil, pine nuts and mozarella pizza and it was delicious. The Georgetown cupcake business is across the street and the line was nearly three blocks long. No cupcake is that good in my mind!

    Teri, I’m so glad the kids liked the music. Lots of memories for the villagers is connected with the music.


  41. Greetings to Ann and Jackie, Teri and the village kids and Tanya. We are so happy you dropped by on this glorious day for mothers. Zoe, thanks for the message through your Aunt Mary Jo.

    Great sharing of memories. Our memories are so intertwined, the situations vary but the pleasure that they bring to our hearts are solidly the same – TO LOVE AND BE LOVED.

    On our way to church, we were ‘hit’ with heavy downpour of rain and wind. I mean we were wet. It felt good though and by the time we got of church we were dry. LOL

    Lots of lavender dialogue. My daughter gave me a lavender bouquet of carnations, flew in from Colombia. Sorry I had to look, that’s my habit now. Checking out where things come from in our stores. LOL

    Got back from brunch in the city with my daughter, Bob, my sister and her husband. It was very pleasing to sit down in a bright dining room, spacious, attentive servers and the buffet was simple. Ordered myself a Denver omellette before I saw my favorite corned beef hash. Tasted a little bit of it, and concentrated on the Denver, fruit. Then we took pictures and walked a bit to the shopping mall at the Embarcadero. Haven’t been to that part of the city for a long time.


  42. It’s election day in the Philippines. They will be using electronic voting machines like we do here. May the best candidate win. My nephew is one of the communications person of candidate Aquino.

  43. Obama Nominates Kagan as Justice

    WASHINGTON — President Obama will nominate Solicitor General Elena Kagan as the nation’s 112th justice, choosing his own chief advocate before the Supreme Court to join it in ruling on cases critical to his view of the country’s future, Democrats close to the White House said Sunday.

    After a monthlong search, Mr. Obama informed Ms. Kagan and his advisers on Sunday of his choice to succeed the retiring Justice John Paul Stevens. He plans to announce the nomination at 10 a.m. Monday in the East Room of the White House with Ms. Kagan by his side, said the Democrats, who insisted on anonymity to discuss the decision before it was formally made public.

    In settling on Ms. Kagan, the president chose a well-regarded 50-year-old lawyer who served as a staff member in all three branches of government and was the first woman to be dean of Harvard Law School. If confirmed, she would be the youngest member and the third woman on the current court, but the first justice in nearly four decades without any prior judicial experience.


    “No judicial experience..” I say get someone else.

    Have a good day all.

    • He trying to go moderate, for an easy approval. With no judicial experience, she has no real record to attack… that’s what I think. I am going to listen a bit more before I decide. They say that the liberals are going to attack this. Let’s see what happens…

    • I need to hear more about Kagan. But from the little bit I know, I think the Repubs aren’t going to give her an easy time of it during the Senate confirmation hearing this summer. Thanks, KEY, for the article and your opinion.

  44. Good Morning, Villagers…gray again today, high and low clouds, possible showers with temp.’s brushing 60 degrees!!

    We’re bailing out Europe…literally…dollars are going to prop up the EU countries. I think Americans need to start asking some difficult questions about this…what’s our portion amounting too, who authorized this, etc. We have our own problems to address and I don’t see Europe coming to our rescue when CA, NJ, NY, etc. get into trouble. I don’t think that’s going to happen!!

    Early morning walk…hope you all enjoyed Mother’s Day…

    • I know Karel – our money is going to keep the Greek’s with 6 weeks of vacation, full healthcare benefits, full pensions, etc. And I asked the same questions you did, who is going to help us? But Krauthammer said it last week, we have to do this because our economies are now inevitably linked, if one fails, we all fail. The way Glenn Beck puts it, Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD)..

    • Oh Andersen, thank you for that. I had forgotten Chelsea’s Mother’s wish for her mother. Still makes me cry…

    • I missed it yesterday, go, so thank you for the link. I do remember those heartfelt words spoken by Chelsea.

  45. I am off to UCLA, to spend time with more liberals. Like I said, they are awfully quiet these days… Enjoy the day everyone…

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