To our loving Lanz

Lanz Fenn

In a tremendous strike of loss and grief, we are consoled by thoughts, prayers and loving embrace from one another. Nothing can ever replace the emptiness caused by the loss of our most loved Lanz who gave us so much of himself for 15 and a half years. Bob and I are lost without his presence in every corner of the house. May peace and strength dwell again someday. – Bob and Normita

Posted by Bob and Normita

35 thoughts on “To our loving Lanz

  1. Perfect song. I hope it brings you some solace.

    Our Village Lanz, what a sweet photo of him. He will not be forgotten

  2. To Normita and Bob, Lanz will sure be missed, the kids and I loved hearing stories about him!!
    As Taylor said he was our Village mascot and yes thankyou for sharing all the great stories about him! We will not forget him!

    RIP Lanz

    Normita and Bob please try and rest and we are praying for you i know its so hard!

    Much Love

    Teri and The Village Kids

  3. Good morning. Normita and Bob how are you doing this morning? Is it time for you guys to go away for a while, some place that is beautiful and restful? Thinking of you a lot these days.

    The Sierras — I have never seen them more resplendent. Ther will be snow showers today and tomorrow, clearing up by Monday. My brother and his wife are on their way. We will have Easter services here in the mountains, how more fitting can that be?

    I am filled with peace today, thanking God for how fortunate I am, and for all this beauty around me. I pray for the people who need today, and hope that they too can experience this beautiful feeling I am experiencing.

    Have a wonderful Easter dear villagers. Lanz is happy now, playing with his puppy angels, experiencing no pain. Normita my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  4. Good Morning, Villagers….high clouds are slowly drifting by, highs should settle around 65 degrees!

    Normita…such a nice tribute to our Village Buddy…I see him running with the wind, showing off his sweater and talking up a “blue streak” to all his new friends! He’ll be with you as you bumble about your home…reminding you that he’s never far away now. I hope you find peace…Easter has a way of renewing our soul. Take Care you two…you gave Lanz a wonderful life and he’ll be part of your family forever!

    MaryPuma…that peaceful feeling is such a treasure, enjoy every moment…we need those special moments now more than ever.

    Easter approaches…enjoy your day…

  5. We are leaving for an Easter weekend with the kids tomorrow. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the weather cooperates. As the kids grow into young adults, these weekend ventures are even more special.

    My each of you have a glorious Easter and may the Easter bunny be good to you.

    One of my friends pressed her fingers in flour and made “bunny tracks” throughout their house during the evening before Easter Sunday when her kids were small. They were so excited to see the tracks on their dark carpet. She is now a gradmother and still coming up with ways to excite the kids.

  6. Good Morning, Villagers…lots of clouds moving by, highs in the mid 60’s…it’s gray!

    Happy Bunny Trails to all our Easter travelers! Have a blessed Easter and I hope the Easter Bunny hops in with lots of goodies!

    I have a macaroni salad to make…things to do…enjoy your weekend…

  7. Hello Everyone,

    Happy Easter Weekend to all!!
    I hope you have a Blessed Easter!!

    Lots of goodies for everyone, wow the kids are so excited they can hardly wait we dyed our eggs together already and loved every minute of it!

    They cant wait for the easter baskets and egg hunt tomorrow!

    Taylor.. What a fun idea your friend came up eith for her kids with the Bunny prints haha!

    Everyone please have safe travles and a Blessed Easter!

    Much love

    Teri and The Village Kids

  8. Dear Normita and Bob,
    My deepest sympathies for the loss of your precious Lanz, your buddy and loved one for all these years. Your hearts must be heavy with sadness and the pain of loss.

    May the blessings of the Easter tide bring you some comfort. Christ is risen and Lanz will have a good time in doggy heaven too.
    Love, Tanya

    Happy Easter to everyone.

  9. Mary Jo sent a note that they are coping since Robyn’s knee replacement surgery earlier this month. Normita and Bob, they send their thoughts on your loss. We had a great day with the kids and went on an hour boat tour of Carters creek near Williamsburg. We passed the birthplace of George Washington and Robert E Lee on our trip to the inn.

    A blessed Easter to all villagers.

  10. Good Morning, Villagers…April Showers are in full swing, puddle jumpin is in order, highs in the low 60’s!

    Happy Easter Dear Villagers…enjoy your day…

  11. Normita and Bob,
    I just reread the tribute to Lanz and listened to/watched the song video make me a Channel of your Peace. What Lanz exemplified so well and tirelessly for you both all these years. How beautiful!! And yes, the corners must seem so very empty and quiet. My love to you both and a hug.

  12. Dear Normita,
    I am so sorry for your loss. I always loved reading about your adorable little Lanz. My heart goes out to you and your husband.
    I plan on checking in with our Village family more often. Blessed Easter to all.
    Ann & Jackie

  13. We had lunch at an old colonial school that is now a lovely B&B. The food was great and it was so good to be surrounded by people who appear to love their job. There was nature everywhere — ospreys building their nests on the channel markers, a momma duck warming her unhatched nest of 6 eggs, carpenter bees everywhere and cats and dogs warming themselves during the sunny 92 degree day. I imagine there was more than one car with melted chocolate today. We took our chocoloate goodies into the restaurant in fear that it would all melt if left in the car.

    Goodnight all–it was nice to see Ann, Tanya, Go and all villgers.

    My sister had a serious mishap today when she spilled the boiling potato water on her foot and legs. She said she felt like her flesh was being cooked to the bone. She is under doctor’s care and in bed.

  14. Good morning everyone. We have been experiencing sun, rain, and snow showers. We drove around the lake yesterday. Just very nice. Taylor, sounds like you had a marvelous day. Teri I hope the kids had fun, I saw tons of kids here looking for Easter eggs inside the rec center and the hotel lobbies. The hotel staff were wearing rabbit ears. I think you story of the woman leaving rabbit tracks inside the house is just so great.

    The story about your sister burning herself sounds horrific.

    Hello all villagers who visited this weekend. Go, how are you? You still like Arizona? Tanya, MJ, and Scranton, good to see your words again.

  15. Good Morning, Villagers…umbrellas handy again today, chance of showers, otherwise cloudy skies, highs in the low 60’s!

    I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter…it’s been nice having so many Villagers drop by with holiday greetings. I’d sure like to know what each of you are up to…just a quick note now and again would be great!

    MaryPuma…sounds like if you wait five minutes the weather will change for you…I bet it’s beyond beautiful in the mountains…enjoy!!

    Taylor…I hope your sister is doing well today, what a tragic thing to happen…send her our Village best! Your description of nature and the joys of looking outside our everyday “box” is wonderful…sounds so serene and beaufiful!

    Normita and Bob…we’re thinking of you…

    Enjoy your day…

  16. Hello all and hope everyone have a blessed Easter. Lanz will be remembered by villagers near and far.

    Hope everyone is doing well.Have. Good night all.

  17. I spoke wo my sister today and the pain killers re working and the sever pain has faded. She said he heavy jeans protected most of he leg but her stocking feet took the brunt of it, especially her toes. She said her bedding was wet this morning from the blisters draining–she is just happy it is not winter. I told her to be careful about infection.

    We are now in West Virginia enjoying a few days at the Greenbrier after they offered great rates again. Spring has definitely sprung since we were here last month. All the staff and guests have smiles on their faces so it is easy to relax and just have a good time. Every night at 10, there is a champayne toast as four couples dressed in white dresses and fancy suits dance to the Greenbrier Anniversary Waltz. The history for today was that Princess Grace and Prince Rainier arrived at the Greenbrier with their children for spring vacation on April 26, 1963.

    Good night all. Are your spring flowers in bloom?

  18. Hello Village Family,
    Just returned home from Jackie’s softball practice. I’m coaching again after several years of seating on the bench, so to speak. I think our team is going to be pretty good. The girls seem very sweet and coachable. That’s half the battle right there.
    Temperatures have finally been in the 70s here. We have had so much rain –days and days without any sunshine. We’ve already cancelled 4 softball practices because of the rain. Oh well–better and drier days are coming I hope.
    Well, I’m off to bed. It’s only 9:30 and I’m falling asleep at the computer!
    Love to all,
    Ann & “Sluggo” Jackie

  19. To our loving fellow villagers:

    Thank you for the wonderful wishes of love and words of comfort. They help to ease the feelings of loss that engulf our hearts. Our Lanz is comfortably sitting in the palm of God’s hands but his photos and memories remain with me and Bob forever.

    Bob and Normita

  20. Good Morning, Villagers…sunshine all around, highs expected to reach 70 degrees, breezy at times!

    So the political price Obama was paying for the birther issue must have been having diminishing returns…too many people getting on board that boat! He pays millions of dollars to avoid revealing his long form birth certificate and then does so now…making Trump look the hero…what’s up? The Progressives must really want Trump to be the nominee, there’s some strategy involved at the very least…next thing we know we’ll be seeing Obama’s academic transcripts…since Trump has brought that up too…something’s going on…political games are in motion big time!! Maybe those college records are the real gold mine…now they can hide behind their transparency…they revealed the birth certificate…making it less likely his academic records will be revealed…something is going on, maybe we’ll find out, maybe we won’t. Oh, what a web they weave!!!!

    Ann…so you’re the coach, what age group?

    Enjoy your day…

    • Obama looks silly; he could have avoided this whole issue two years ago similar to the way McCain had to resolve his birth issue. Then he calls the media silly by not allowing him to concentrate on the big issues like the deficit. Then what does he do after the press conference but get on plane to go to Chicago to appear on Oprah. He really does think we are stupid.

      We got home safely with the threat of rain and sunshine all day.

  21. Hi Karel,
    It’s a Miss-E team in the Petunia Division for 11-12 year olds. Some of the girls have pretty impressive skills, too. I think the most daunting aspect of coaching will be having my own daughter on the team!
    We’ll see what happens. We’re gearing up for yet another night filled with thunder/lightening storms. Like last night, Jackie will wind up sleeping with me— again. She’ll sleep like a baby but I’ll toss and turn. Enough rain already!

    Pleasant dreams to all–
    Ann & Jax

  22. Pray for the people hit hardest by the storms. Ann, I hope you and Jackie are safe. AOL reported the following:

    BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – A wave of tornado-spawning storms strafed the South on Wednesday, splintering buildings across hard-hit Alabama and killing 72 people in four states.

    At least 58 people died in Alabama alone, including 15 or more when a massive tornado devastated Tuscaloosa. The city’s mayor said sections of the city that’s home to the University of Alabama have been destroyed and the city’s infrastructure is devastated.

    Eleven deaths were reported in Mississippi, two in Georgia and one in Tennessee

  23. This morning the new is even more grim. Our neighbor went to the University of Alabama. From AOL:

    TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — The death toll from severe storms that punished five Southern U.S. states jumped to a staggering 178 after Alabama canvassed its hard-hit counties for a new tally of lives lost.

    Alabama’s state emergency management agency said early Thursday it had confirmed 128 deaths, up from at least 61 earlier.

    • Good morning all. Having a great time here. But this morning I just had to get on this morning and cackle. Did you see the latest on the Birth Certificate? The WH posted a PDF file that can still be decomposed to it’s Adobe layers of composite construction. LOL! It was layered up to become the final document. It is NOT a scanned copy that was digitized and then converted to a PDF file. They composed it from various pieces of information. The debate is not over. The WH staff screwed up. They left behind their work history of pieces of other documents that were made into one. I am just sitting here cackling. What a riot! Couldn’t they even pick somebody competent with Adobe to do this?

  24. Good Morning, Villagers…some high clouds, otherwise plenty of sunshine, windy at times, highs in the upper 60’s!

    Ann…it’s usually rather challenging coaching a team with your own child on the team. It seems to me you have a rather close relationship with Jackie and that should serve you well…have fun, good luck this season, we’ll look forward to hearing about it!!

    Taylor…the news on the states, loss of life, etc. is daunting…what a horrible year for tornadoes…God Bless them! All our Eastern Villagers should keep close tabs on the weather…be safe.

    I’m off and running…enjoy your day…

  25. Hello Everyone,

    Im checking in to make sure all of The Villagers are safe with these bad storms!

    MaryPuma, yes im just waiting for the media to finally find all this out, i knew he was getting desperate and desperate people do stupid things. Because it dosent make sense for him to spend 1 or 2 million dollars not to show it then all of a sudden just produce it! Come on!

    Normita and Bob we are still praying for you!

    Ann it so good to see you here and hear about whats been going on with Jackie and you!

    Good morning to all and have a good day, ive been so busy so i will try and check back in later today!

    I love you all


  26. Good Morning, Villagers…winds keeping the skies mostly clear and the temps down…highs in the upper 60’s!

    I hope everyone’s busy with the joys of living…we’re at the end of another tumultuous week…finishing with a Royal Wedding and tornado damage to assess…it sure seems like the world is caught in a whirlwind and things never settle down!

    Off to pick up a couple things at the grocery store…I’m just hoping I don’t faint over the price of bread or eggs…it’s the little thing…

    Enjoy your day…

  27. Karel, talk about fainting–I went through the drive in to order 2 Egg McMuffins for us last week and was shocked when they asked for $6.07. It had been a year since I last ordered one and I was expecting it to be under 4.

    When we were in southern VA last week, the gas was $3.61. In the DC area it is $4.05. I have no explanation to explain the difference.

    Congratulate us–we sold our 30 year old piano to a nice young couple today. It was in very good shape and they got a bargain but it is nice to see it going to a nice home. Their 4 year old son is interested in music. I’m also giving them the kids music books.

    I did not see the wedding this morning but will catch the highlights on Greta tonight.

    I found out that our friends in Birmingham survided with no harm but the pictures are so alarming.

  28. Hi everybody… We are on our way home now. It is time. We had a lot of fun, but I want to be home now. Talk about the price of gas, we passed one today that was 4.89 per gallon. The lowest we can buy it is 4.11 per gallon. This will sink potus. I saw pictures of him walking the damage in Alabama, looking kind of silly, if you ask me.

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