A season of joy: Cultivate the seeds

In this Easter Season, I am overwhelmed by the feelings of community that were conveyed by the villagers. This season signifies a transformation in all of us:  A time to feel the heartfelt joy of caring, kindness, compassion and humility, all reflective of a community so intertwined by love and gratitude with one another.

Allow me to share the lesson I gathered from Fr. Michael Troha on stewardship:

Imagine a man is given some flower seeds, says Fr. Troha. He demonstrates in words when a man buries the seeds in the ground and leaves them on their own and that as months pass and rain falls, some seeds may receive enough nourishment to bloom. But he said simply burying seeds in the ground will hardly make a gorgeous garden. He says, “Rather if the man truly wants to enjoy many beautiful flowers, there is much care and work ahead.” He continues to say that by recognizing the hidden beauty within these simple seeds, we must cultivate the ground, plant the seeds in a solid foundation, water and fertilize them throughout the year. “Only then he will see the proper fruit these seeds were made to bear.”

Fr. Troha concludes by saying that just like the springtime flowers we now enjoy, our time, talents and treasure need to be cared for and that our gifts need to be cultivated and nourished.

As I close this Easter dialogue, I hope that our relationship remains standing with a better appreciation of people’s diverse beliefs,  cultural and political makeup that are worthy of recognition and respect.

Thank you for bringing joy to Hillary’s village. I am proud to be living in it.

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20 thoughts on “A season of joy: Cultivate the seeds

  1. Thank you for this poignant Easter greeting. What I love best about our village is that we do respect diverse beliefs. The last four years have been a journey for many on a path we did not expect. Eyes have been opened and ears tuned. In many ways I feel my analytical thinking has improved because I now question anything I read or hear.

    Hope the Easter bunny is kind to each of you.

  2. From Teri and the Village Kids:

    Happy Easter to my Village Family!
    Im having problems logging in so im sending this email to you Normita and maybe you can share my Easter greetings to all the other Villagers?
    We are going to church tomorrow and feel very blessed to have these sweet beautiful Village Kids with us!
    Then we are going to my Moms house for lunch and a Easter egg hunt for the kids, so it should be a good day and i hope you all have a very good one also!
    We are still in the fight of our lives for these Babies so continue to pray as i know you all are!
    Thankyou for being here as a Family in this Village and we Love you All!!
    Teri and The Village Kids

  3. Happy Easter, Villagers here and everywhere. I hope you are enjoying your day with your family, friends and neighbors.

  4. Good Easter Morning, Villagers…the Easter Bunny delivers under mostly sunny skies, highs hovering around 70 degrees!

    Normita…thanks for the uplifting thread, seeds symbolize so much this time of year.

    Happy Easter Village Friends…I hope it’s a day filled with family and friends…of peace, harmony and love…remember your many blessings…

    Enjoy your day….

  5. A great Easter Day indeed. Many celebrations around the world of different faith in the name of hope for peace, love and harmony.

    We lost one of the most iconic figures in journalism, Mr. Mike Wallace, at 93. In life, he defined himself as a tough professional, a seeker for truth, left no questions unanswered even by the most powerful. His approach will be hard to match. May he rest in peace.

  6. Good night villagers. We had a nice day. I cooked frittata for us four this morning. We had both of my husband’s young women with us today. We ate our breakfast outside on the patio, enjoying the day. Later we went for a long hike in one of our local parks that has good hiking trails. Everyone was out picnicing and easter egg hunting. Both girls are gone now. They will spend the week with their mother, will be back next Monday. Our sick one has not showed any symptoms of anxiety or brain freeze this week. I am hoping this is simply stress, and the calm week has relaxed her.

  7. Glad to hear about our Easter Sunday time. Our church was packed and had masses in the gym too. Glad to have good weather to see people just up looking springy. This young girl, about 8, we sat with commented about my ruffly chiffon dress. I told her that when I was young, we used to wear hats and gloves and beautiful spring dresses during Easter Sunday.

    Then we took a drive to a nearby shopping mall and was impressed that all the stores – incl. Macy’s, Nordstroms, Neiman Marcus, were closed. Banana Republic and and a couple other stores were the only ones open. Yes, again, I was impressed that commercialism was not much on display.

  8. The editing of the Martin tape by NBC brings back horrible memories of the intentional editing of the 2008 primary season. It remains the reason why we do not watch network news that claims to be neutral. In 2007 & 2008, retirement offered the first opportunity to watch multiple news soures and it was ugly to see the bias that was used under the cloak of professional jounalism. Most of the bias we saw was the ommission of facts and stories–what I call half truths similar to what NBC did. My advice is to question and verify what you read and see.


  9. Good Morning, Villagers…cloudy skies, it’s puddle jumpin time, rain at times, highs in the low 60’s!

    The sounds of pitter patter as rain gently falls this morning…music to my ears. We still have a long way to go to catch up with our rainfall norms…still lovin’ it and my allergies are lovin’ it too!!

    CTKey…glad you cruised by, I hope your family is doing well…take care.

    I’m appalled at the GSA scandal…all that money for 300 employees to party in Las Vegas. Once again, a government that’s grown soooo big that it’s out of control spending brings shrugs and complacency. We need a true fiscal crusader to cut back government and insist on accountability for every dime that is spent.

    Normita…hats off to Mike Wallace, he was a bull dog when he had a story to pursue…we need more people who want to get to the truth.

    Enjoy your day…

  10. good morning. Not much happening today. Good, I need a down day.

    Taylor, I hear you. I feel exactly the same way. Takes more time to do your own research, but it certainly makes you feel like you are getting to the real story. Wallace is dead. Yes, he was an excellent reporter. Where is his replacement?

    The GSA employees were having a great time, weren’t they? I can see where this kind of culture can take root in an office environment. You come to work 9-5, have no real deadlines, no pressing schedules or committments that would endanger your job, just old office work. And you think lets party, why not? Remember the old saying, “good enough for government work”.

    • Good day everyone. I am now writing my own life. Very hard to cramp so much of the stuff of my life in a two-week window.

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