A Bill and Hill year: why Clintons are Americans’ favorite politicians

A recent poll showed that Hillary and Bill Clinton are the most popular politicians in America. How did America’s top political couple come to have such high-flying ratings?

By Howard LaFranchi | Christian Science Monitor – Sat, Jan 5, 2013

Though Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton‘s return to work next week will be brief, given President Obama’s nomination of John Kerry to replace her as secretary of State, it comes amid an aura of national popularity, respect, and even fascination.

An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll in December found that Secretary Clinton and her husband, the former President Clinton, are America’s two most popular politicians. At the same time, a Bloomberg poll found that 70 percent of Americans view Secretary Clinton favorably – an astounding number given the country’s hyperpartisan divide.

What explains the high-flying ratings enjoyed by Bill and Hill, as Washington columnists prefer to call them?

Some pundits speculate that Secretary Clinton’s “relegation” to the relatively noncontroversial global stage of international issues has allowed her to win approving nods from Democrats and Republicans alike.

Others say it’s simply because the Clintons are so ubiquitous, with Secretary Clinton traveling up a storm representing America to the world and Mr. Clinton holding court during this past election cycle – first at the Democratic National Convention, then on the stump – on behalf of Mr. Obama.

But as The Washington Post noted recently as it marveled over the “good year” the Clintons have enjoyed: “[U]biquity usually breeds fatigue from the public, not more excitement.”

So why doesn’t America have Clinton fatigue?

In Secretary Clinton’s case, Americans appear to admire her work ethic and her ability to reinvent herself – and not just to make do with the hand dealt her, but to employ it with a flourish.

In announcing Clinton’s imminent return after being hospitalized for a blood clot, State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said that the secretary is “raring to go.” It may have sounded corny, but it also rang true. Anyone who kept a close eye on Clinton’s daily calendar over the past four years could not help but believe it.

It also sounded right when Ms. Nuland added that Clinton remained “committed to testifying” to Congress on the Benghazi attack, which occurred on her watch and cost the lives of four Americans, including the US ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens.

And then there is the matter of personal reinvention.

When Secretary Clinton emerged Wednesday from a New York hospital, husband and daughter Chelsea at her side, she smiled behind dark glasses – the same dark glasses, it seems, as the ones she wore in the now-famous photo of her on a military plane looking over her BlackBerry. It was a reminder of the considerable distance traveled from the frumpy pantsuits of her unsuccessful 2008 presidential campaign to the “cool Hillary” of 2012 Internet memes.

More substantial, is how she picked herself up from the 2008 defeat and effectively – and cheerfully – put herself at the service of the man who dealt her that blow, in the role of the nation’s top diplomat.

As she visited (and in some cases revisited) the world’s emerging democracies, Clinton must have told a thousand times the story of how, after battling and then losing to then-Senator Obama, she now worked for him – and how overcoming political rivalries for the national good was an essential ingredient of a successful democracy.

That ability to turn her largest political defeat into an asset – the lemons-to-lemonade analogy, to use an old phrase – may be the trait that impresses one most about Clinton.

Source: Yahoo News

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17 thoughts on “A Bill and Hill year: why Clintons are Americans’ favorite politicians

  1. Hillary and the Big Dawg remain in the height of likability, popularity and power to influence. This goes without saying that they work endlessly for the people, putting them in front of their personal needs.

  2. Rather than watching football yesterday our son went to a Downton Abbey party last night for which they made scones. It was the first show of Season 3. There is hope in the world when young adults will choose the Abbey over football.. They came to our house in the afternoon and we watched the marathon of Season 2 of the series on PBS. Now I have to rent Season 1 to get completely caught up on the show. Are you familar with it? I just heard about it yesterday.

    Normita, I distrust results that polled the same people that snubbed her in 2007. I hope she puts herself and her family above the party when she retires.

  3. The State Department leadership presented Clinton with a surprise gift at today’s morning meeting: a football helmet with the Department of State logo on it and a jersey with her name and the number 112, the number of foreign countries she visited while she was secretary of State.
    “Washington is a contact sport,” Nides said when presenting Clinton with the gift.


  4. Our daughter was invited for the opening bell ceremony at NASDAQ today in NYC because of the work she completed for one of her clients The Foreign Affairs Magazine. It was fun watching on their lived feed.

    Have a great day all.

  5. Hello Everyone,
    Where is everyone at?

    Well did you all hear about the Ca. school shooting today well my oldest Shandy goes to school there, she wasnt there today thank God!

    nobody would ever think this would happen in a small little town as small as Taft Ca., but i guess no one ever thinks it could happen where they are.

    The Teachers had just wrapped up a safety and lockdown meeting they had at 7.30 am and this kid came in shooting at 9.30!
    So i guess more ammo for BHO and his team to try and take our guns away!

    Love you all


  6. Hey Teri. I just read that story. Wow that was Shandy’s school, oh lord, how do you feel? I read it was a pellet gun. What did he use? How badly was the kid he shot hurt? I read he had a hit list.

    Taylor, how did your daughter do?

    • Mary…. no it was a real shot gun not a pellet gun the teacher got hit with some of the pellets from the 20 gauge shot bullets, and he had many more bullets in his pocket!
      There is a 16 year old bot in ICU and a girl with her ear , it really shocking in such a small town, but the kid had a hit list and tried to hit more kids but he was a bad shot ThankGod!

      I kinda of feel a little worried about copy cats, yes the schools in Taft are all just feet away from each other The elem., The High School, and The College really are all on the same grounds.

      The craziest thing is all the teachers just had that safety meeting and how to lockdown, so i think some of them thought is was just a test!
      They had the poilce there within 60 seconds and then FBI and swat Team from Bakersfield was flown in from Bakersfield as they didnt know if there were more than one shooter, they looking in every book, backpac and sweeping the school just in case, but i thank God it wasnt way worse!

  7. Teri, this is so sad – this truly reminded me of The Notebook that I also watched a few days ago. A love story that is rare and magical, though a unhappy ending for the family and people who know them.

  8. Good Morning, Villagers…very chilly, temps around 51 degrees, skies are mostly sunny.

    Had another health setback earlier this week…feeling better today and going to try to get some groceries. I’m out of touch with the news and that seems fine with me at this point. I still have a house filled with Christmas to tackle in the next few days…that’s my priority.

    Enjoy your day…

  9. Teri my husband says a shotgun can do a lot more damage than a rifle, because it sprays an area, up close only. Dear God, there are all these adolescents reading about all this and getting ideas. They get a little mad, so they figure out how to wipe them out, just like in the video games. And all these rants on media are just totally useless. Parents, parents, parents, where are you?

    I just remembered that when I was in high school my brother came home from school one day totally upset, he had had a fight with someone at school. He got off the school bus, found my dad’s hunting gun, and took off walking back to town. Mom ran to find dad, dad was working in the fields, dad chased him down, and beat my brother up, yes beat him up, to take the gun away. Dad was very strong, so even though my brother was big, dad overpowered him. I look back, and thank God dad did that. Dad and my brother later on in life, ended up being extremely close. My brother knew dad did that out of love.

    Karel, oh so sad, you have to get well my friend. If I lived close I would go over and help you with putting away your Christmas stuff. Are you eating okay?

  10. Guns, prescription drugs, car keys, alcohol, etc all should be kept out of reach from even the most responsible teenager, Emotions, influential friends, immature judgement are dangerous when combined with easy access.

    My personal wish is to have a breathalyzer test built into the ingition and operation of a car.

    Tanya, you must have strong opinions on the current debate based on your brother’s death. I know several parents who have lost children due to drugs and drunk drivers and they have a no tolerance stance.

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