On Mother’s Day

???????????????????????????????Today as we honor our mothers and mothers in our life, a lot of emotions pour out. I remember growing up when there was not much to share with material things – no money for cards, flowers and gifts. Our greeting cards were made from paper where we drew, painted and did the best we could to have something to take our mother. Those who can afford went to the big city. We honored our mothers by wearing a white flower, either a lei of pikake, a gardenia and whatever came in white.

When I came to the U.S. fifty years ago, I saw the significance of this day from the young and not so young. Statistics even showed that on Mother’s Day, phone companies regarded this as a heavy day for long distance calls. Cards and flower shops and restaurants enjoyed huge profits. The selection of cards, by category, were wide and got even wider every year – there are cards for ‘Mothers in your Life’ even fathers who are raising their children all his own have a card.

Admittedly, I get caught up by Mother’s Day based on the cards I send out to relatives and friends, year by year. When I had to leave for a family emergency a week before Mother’s Day last year, I failed to send my cards out and in haste did not tell Bob to mail them. When I returned weeks later, I mailed the card to my 90-year old aunt in Oregon, explaining why it was late.  A short time later, I ran into one of my friends who expressed some disappointment for not receiving the card.

Those un-mailed cards were tucked in a box and were mailed last week. Sadly, one of the regular recipients of my card-sending spree, my aunt in Oregon, passed away last December. At the funeral her daughter, cousin Elizabeth, told me how my cards were cherished and saved.

My aunt will have a special place in this spree, for her love of writing back to me on how happy she was for the cards. My aunt’s name remains on the list if not to send a card but as a part of the memory. In her honor, her daughter Elizabeth has been put on the list.  Even though I don’t hear back from many who received those cards, I know in some way the gladness is there. I wonder, though, will they miss the cards if they stop coming? Well this I know, my Hallmark points will decrease. Until then, Happy Mother’s Day!
P.S. Share your Mother’s Day memories.

12 thoughts on “On Mother’s Day

  1. I think most women are mother-like by the time they are in elementary school–nurturing, doting, and watching out for others. Cherish the memories of being cared for and those where you cared for others.

    Normita, I bet you are selective when you pick your cards as well. Don’t you feel happy when you find the perfect card for the particular person? The cards I find the hardest to select are Get Well, Sympathy and for those remembering a death of a loved one. I have great fun buying birthday, baby and retirement cards.

    Thank you for your Mothers Day wishes and thread. Have a great day villagers.

  2. Good Morning, Villagers…sunshine abounds, highs around 90 degrees…it’s a beauty if you like it hot!

    Normita…thanks for the change of thread…I really enjoyed your walk down memory lane…yes, I think those cards will be missed if they stop coming…it’s the little things that enrich our lives!!

    Happy Mother’s Day…enjoy…

  3. Happy Mother’s Day everyone. I have kept all the cards I have received. Why, I don’t know, just because I can’t throw them away. And I am just a step-mother, I can imagine how it would feel to be a real mother.

    This year we have a good Mother’s Day. We have a baby granddaughter. I sent her a baby basket and I have a picture of her curled up inside it. Wonderful. My other step daughter has gone through the worse of her nightmare. She is finally on the final mend. Lots to be thankful for.

  4. Happy Mother’s Day everyone,

    I love you all wanted to come and tell you that!!

    I hope everyone has had a great day so far and enjoy the rest of it!

    Normita, I’m glad your back from your trip safely.

    Mary…. Just a step-mother counts also! And i’m glad your other daughter is coming along and doing better we are still praying for her.

    I’m not a mother.. But i could’nt love any little ones as much as love these Village kids if they were my own! i would fight to the death for them if need be!

    Have a Good Day!

    Teri and The Village Kids

  5. I had a great day. Spent the day with Shirley – brunch at home, watched The Great Gatsby, then ended with good pizza. There was a scene in the movie that had a dog exactly like Harper. I blurted out, hey that’s Harper.

  6. I am a stepmom too to Bob’s boys. They never did anything for me on Mother’s Day from the start, better that way.

  7. Normita, it was and is their loss.
    Teri, the village kids are lucky to have you and I know you feel the same about them.
    Mary, so much to be thankful for this year. You had a special May basket.
    Karel, your husband is thankful for the great job you are continuing to do without him.
    Vilagers, continue to cherish your ability and willingness to nurture and share.

    I feel the layers of the onion with this administration are finally beginning to be peeled. And the smell if finally getting some of the scrutiny it deserves.

  8. Good Morning, Villagers…a cloud or two, otherwise totally blue, breezy at times, highs in the low 80’s!

    Taylor….what a nice thing to say…thank you. I believe your family knows what a gem they have in you too!

    Each day brings yet another scandal…I think this administration is trying hard to disown every facet of it’s government….it’s not their fault…call the DOJ, call the IRS, etc., etc. Nothing to see just move along was the message from Pres. Obama yesterday…he looked inept standing next to Prime Minister Cameron. I’m really tired of his “spin”…he believes his repeated lies are being believed
    by someone…I don’t know anyone that ignorant of the facts….you can’t lie about the facts…yet, he keeps trying to do so…how dumb is that??!! Also, did anyone else find it disturbing that he said he didn’t know anything about the IRS scandal beforehand, that he heard about it when the story broke on Friday….I don’t think he’s in the loop about anything anymore. I hope we can survive his second term…he’s way out of his league and his fawning media is turning on him just enough to expose some of the corruption he’s presiding over!

    Enjoy your day….

  9. If I were Romney, I’d schedule lunch with Candy Crowley to now discuss Benghazi.

    Didn’t Obama play the same game when the Jeriamiah Wright story broke. I hear nothing, I see nothing, I say nothing. But I do vote Present. We saw this “character flaw” six years ago. It is part of his fiber.

    I still want to know what happened to the MSM.

  10. Good day everyone. I knw these scandals are not funny, but this morning I was just cracking up. Somebody did a clip of all the “I don’t knows” that Holder said yesterday, and it was hilarious. What a sick group of people. This dear ladies, is our US government, can you believe that?

    The one that took the cake for me was the story I just read. The IRS denied 501c status to a pro-life organization on the condition that they sign up to not picketing a Planned Parenthood clinic.
    And it is the IRS who will have all of our medical records and control our Healthcare. can anything be more screwed up?

    Tuesday the Tea Party is going to demonstrate in all IRS offices. I guess I will put on my Red White and Blue again, and head on down there on Tuesday. Time for the Tea Party to start demonstrating again. Here comes 2014! BTW, I knew about all of this a year ago when it was happening. Glenn Beck had these people on to talk about what was happening, just nobody else gave a damn!

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