In retrospect 2013. In vista 2014.

943669_10201903681097689_2051061332_nAs 2013 draws to a close,  looking back to the many moments of friendship deserves a final touch. In my Facebook timeline is a summation of my 2013 Activity – that I chose to ignore. Better to write a fresher lookabout.

Beautiful images. Friendship. Food. Celebrations. Reunions. Milestones. Discoveries. Deaths. Births. Greetings. Likes. Comments. The last word: Selfie.

These are not just words to me. They have moving parts. They represent how the daily grind of Facebook-ing took many of us. Looking forward to the next and the next. The cup of blessings are precious, timeless. New friends came to life and became part of the treasure box. Old friends journeyed away. Opportunities for learning came in the midst. Loved ones passed, yet left a shade of their revered existence in the heart of many. New births of precious children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews came that added magnificent color to the lives of families and friends. Ah, so wonderful!

As 2014 comes to the door, one may say, uh uh, another year added to my years. Oh well, that is part of living. In fact, I have one coming on January 26. Never had I fully engaged my emotions on my birthday. Routine is Bob takes me out to a good dinner, cooks the best meal, gets me great gifts – treatment fit for a queen. Daughter Shirley plans weeks before to do something special – lucky me. Finally, I will have a true birthday party – a tea party, believe it or not. No gifts, no room to put them in the inn. Instead a voluntary gift in memory of my dear friend Janice Carter who lost her battle against breast cancer a year ago this month. A gesture that gives honor to a wonderful person who thought nothing but bring goodness to others.

I will be taking the leadership role on the oldest organization of our community for the next two years. A humbling task, a test to enliven the heart and soul of the younger generation who were not engaged by the historical relevance of such an organization. One can only muster the strength of relationship within, seeds of friendship and hopefully, the rest will take care of itself.

So my dear friends, let us paddle along the chartered waters of Facebook and blogs with the same passion and glee. See what’s coming up next to Selfie. Surely there will be, that’s what techies are for. Happy New Year!

9 thoughts on “In retrospect 2013. In vista 2014.

  1. Christmas has been put away and we now have planted orchids throughout the house. They last longer than cut flowers and are reasonable.

    My most unique and unique card was from an old friend who wrote her letter as if her dog was dictating it. I laughed so hard I had tears. Normita and Denise, you should trying composing a letter from Harper and Six Toes perspective. You might find it therapeutic and fun.

    Our daughter was home from CA for a week and our son and girlfriend were here so Christmas was good. We had extreme cold but just enough snow for it to be white. In 2011 we had an earthquake, in 2012 we had the direcho and this year it was the polar vortex.

    I’m reading Ben Carson’s book, Think Big, which is a perfect read to redirect one’s thoughts in a positive direction. I also donate to his Carson’s Scholar and Reading Room programs. I recommend that you try reading one of his books as your New Year’s resolution. He is very much a believer in self-reliance.

    I’m frustrated with politics and the media primarily due to the lack of honesty. I hate hot button issues that make voters reacting rather than thinking. I seek candidates that have passion rather than those that are passionate.

    Hope all the villagers are doing well.

  2. Hello My Village Family,

    I hope the New Year is treating everyone well!
    We are having our challenges, but that seems like the norm for us But God will bring us through.

    The Village Kids had a great Christmas as we were all together and that really all that matters right now.
    Our poor Shae the 15 old only had to have a surgery last week on his back has a condition i can’t even say because i don’t remember what they call it, where he has hair growing inside rather than on the outside and they had to go like 3 inches deep and 5 inches long and leave it open so we have to take him in everyday for the 6 weeks to get it packed and repacked poor kid i feel so sorry for him but he is hanging tough!
    But i love each and everyone of you and thankyou for all the cards and gifts we got on Christmas!
    Normita i’m so sorry for all the loses in your life this year!

    I love you all
    Teri and The Village Kids

  3. Hello Everyone,
    I hope everyone is doing well!



    That was from the Village Kids and myself, we love you and hope you have a wonderful birthday and a great year!

  4. All is well on the East Coast. We are praying for rain in the West. After a dry spell two years ago, the rain and snow has been good here. But it has been COLD and I’m so ready for spring.

    Normita, I hope you had a great birthday and Teri, I hope Shae is on the mend. It is hard to see your children go through surgery.

    Mary and I hope to meet up in Vegas when we go there for my husband’s birthday. it should be fun for all.

    All doctors and anywhere you use your insurance card require the patient to also provide a picture ID in our state. So with Obamacare and its goal to insure everyone, wouldn’t everyone need a picture ID? So what is the fuss about Voter ID cards? Rather than fighting about just work to get everyone a card.

    I am amazed that Medicare Cards and systems continue to use SSN as its primary identifier. That means that every doctor office, lab and hospital where you use your card has access to your SSN and critical personal data exposing one to identify theft. Most computer systems in the federal and state governments were required to eliminate the SSN as the primary identifier. Why did Medicare escape this required change?

    Hope all villagers are doing well.

  5. Hi there! I apologise for this being completely off topic, but I wondered if you could all give me some advice with regards to mother’s day? I wont rant for too long so I’ll try and keep it short and sweet. My auntie (mum’s brother’s wife) and my uncle were disowned by their only daughter and only child several years ago. I myself had not been in contact with them for some time due to family politics etc, however about a year ago we worked through the issues together and I have come to care for them both in a way I never have before. I genuinely feel their pain as they had struggled to have their first child only for it to end in such heartbreak. To this day no one has been able to figure out why she cut them out of her life- we have questioned everything, and I mean everything, but no one has come up with any reasons why she could have done that. She was very loved and in fact quite spoilt due to her being the only child.
    Well my question is, taking into account that it has been about just over a year since me and my aunt have reconnected, would it be appropriate for me to send her a mother’s day card? Or will that seem like I am rubbing salt into the wound? My reason for wanting to do this is because I truly cant imagine what it must be like to be disowned by one’s child for no apparent reason and it just seems a nice thing to do? Just to put a smile on her face? But I dont want the gesture to be interpreted in the wrong way or to hurt her inadvertently. How would you feel if it were you?
    Any advice you can send my way would be much appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read!

  6. Hello Everyone,

    Happy Birthday Dear Mary Happy Birthday to you and many many more!!

    From Teri and The Village Kids

    I hope everyone is doing well, i don’t know where everyone is at but i sure do miss all of you!!

    God Bless please pray for Shae he had is other surgery on his back yesterday and wow is it bad , but he sure is tough!


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