Letting go of a childhood friend

Normita Fenn

Normita Fenn

12.19.2014: Rainy. Cloudy. Windy. Sad time. Said final farewell to a childhood friend Edna Aniana Cruz who passed. I see the image of her on Edlyn, her only child.

I said in my eulogy:
“Edlyn, this is a very difficult time for you and your family. Your mom’s sudden passing is truly heartbreaking that touched the hearts of relatives, friends and kababayans. Both your mom and dad are my classmates. I am joined by classmates from grade school and high school in offering our sincere condolences. Your mom was a wonderful friend to all of us and remembered for her kindness, humility and compassion. We personally have many fond memories of our friendship that goes back to our grade school days. Edlyn, as your mom joins your dad, we thank her for those memories. Those memories will forever be imprinted in my heart and of our classmates. May she rest in peace.”

She and her husband Uleng were my classmates. Sadly Uleng passed away too soon. When I talked with Edna our conversation always included the regular after-school trips to their home where her mother prepared snacks for us. Her parents were kind and hospitable not only to Edna’s classmates but to those of Lito, Chabeng and Lyn’s.

Edna is remembered as a humble, generous and very compassionate person. When I called to ask how she was, there was always this positive note, then changed the conversation to ask about me and our classmates. Inviting her to a gathering, she was excited to go. Our classmate Mel Tunque and his wife Ludy who live close by were the regulars to give Edna a ride!

I can feel now that losing a childhood friend and classmate is life changing. There will no longer be that time to dial the phone for a brief, turned-lengthy, conversation at a given moment. Gone is the reality to see her name included in our active roster to invite at some reunion, community event and to ask for a donation. When asking Edna for a donation her answer is pre-printed as a YES, cast in stone! She is that kind of a person with a heart filled with generosity.

Her sister Chabeng and nieces Mayco, Majoh and Minnie are grieving yet thankful to have spent 24 glorious days with Edna this past November after over twenty years. That was a gift like no other. My heart, the hearts of our classmates, relatives and friends are broken over losing such a wonderful person, yet letting go so Edna can finally be reconciled with her husband Uleng.

As the page is turned, a new chapter appears in the midst with Edlyn, her husband Baldwin, their children Madelyn and Brooklyn. Edna’s cellphone no. remains on mine to revisit the childhood days from time to time.

With loving thoughts,


5 thoughts on “Letting go of a childhood friend

  1. Thank you, dailypuma. Having people like Edna touch our lives leave an indelible footprint. Happy New Year!

  2. Oh wow Hello everyone and Normita that was very nice kinds words about your friend and i know all to well how it feels to lose a childhood friend and it hurts and Normita i’m so sorry as i posted to you on F.B
    I hope everyone is doing well this New Year and in good health!

    The Village Kids had a great Christmas and they are getting so big, i have a facebook account but i can’t post to much or i can’t post any pictures of them because it always sets my niece off and we are just trying to keep peace! but we do miss all of you so much, hopefully Hillary will run and we can all be together rooting her on!

    We miss all of you and love you

    God Bless

    Teri and The Village Kids

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